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Apr 7, 2006 01:50 PM


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Anyone know if there is anyplace in Boston area that makes and sells Malasadas? For anyone that doesn't know they are a puffy donut without a hole that is deep-fried and rolled in sugar. Malasadas are very popluar in Hawai'i. They are a Portuguese snack introduced by workers imported for cane and pineapple production.

I was thinking that there might be a Portuguese bakery or restaurant in Inman square but I am not sure if they are popular in the Portuguese community in the area.


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  1. We found malasadas on a recent trip to Hawaii and loved them. While at a recent concert in Cambridge we were talking about them and a Portugese couple overheard us. They said that yes, they knew and loved them too. So I imagine there must be a bakery that makes and serves them. Please let me know if you find one.

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      Dermott McSorley

      Haven't seen them in Boston.There are several places in the New Bedford area that have them.However I usually try to stop in at the Portugese Bakery in Ptown and get my fix.

    2. I haven't seen it in any of the Portuguese bakeries around here. I'm assuming that it's because they're only really good when they're hot and fresh out of the fryer; malasadas (Mal Asadas = 'poorly baked/cooked' in Portuguese). They quickly cool, causing them to stiffen up and lose a lot of their taste. Donuts, can keep for the whole day and not diminish much in quality/taste; malasadas can barely keep for 2 hrs. No sense making a huge batch that, if it doesn't sell quickly, will need to be tossed out soon.

      Anyhow, you can always get them at Portuguese festivals @ St. Anthony's on Cambridge St in Cambridge, by the function hall. 5/21/06 Santo Cristo Festival; 6/11/06 St Anthony Festival; 6/18/06 Portugal Day. Or you could come over my grandma's house next time she makes them (bring wine).

      If you go down to New Bedford/Fall River at all, they probably have them in bakeries down there, but I just haven't seen them around here. Frankly, this area's lacking in Portuguese baked sweets.

      1. I posted by mistake in an old thread, but in case this information might be useful to researchers:

        The Cross Street Market in Somerville might have them. I found a couple of reports online that they made them, or at least used to. They may be available by request only.

        Cross Street Market
        72 Cross Street, Somerville

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          A neighbor said Alice's Diner in Fall River has them as a breakfast side, but this isn't really GB.

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            Per the person in the other thread who was looking for them, they called Cross Street Market and asked, and the folks there didn't even know what malasadas are.