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Apr 5, 2006 12:28 PM

Teatro Tonight

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Dining at Teatro before going to see Spamalot tonight. Any recommendations of "can't be missed".


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  1. We went to Teatro before Spamalot too. Skip the salads - the dressings are off - either too sweet or too sour. The antipasta plate for two looked realled good the last time I was there. The carpaccio - if you take the dumb crutons off - was quite good. Our favorite dish of the night was the spinach and marscapone ravioli in creme fraiche sauce. Have fun!

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      DEFINITELY get the antipasto for two. Really, really good. I also like the pasta bolognese they serve there.
      I agree with MC, pastas are definitely good there.

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        Just returned from Spamalot. Go if you get the chance - great fun.

        Teatro - we had a reservation for 6 and were seated immediately. Then we waited for 20 mins. for recognition. We were a 2 top in a sea of 6 and 4s, but a "Be with you in a minute" or bread and water would have been great.

        After a rocky start, we had and excellent meal. I ordered a "signature" cocktail that I didn't really enjoy. Our server noticed and took it away and return with a cocktail I did enjoy.

        H had the salmon with lentils. The carmelization was perfect and the fish was cooked well. There were so many lentils, he couldn't finish them.

        I had the pan fried trout over braised fennel. Wonderful. The corn breading was not heavy handed and the fish was moist and tender.

        Didn't have an opportunity to try the antipasto, but did see it at many tables. Next time will definitely give it a try.

        Thanks for the recs.

    2. My favorite is the antipasto for two, and a pasta to share. Other apps, entrees don't wow me so much.

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        I went last night after the movies. The antipasto was fantastic, especially the fennel salad and eggplant/olive caponata. We also had the chicken "lasagna" with smoked mozzarella (a nice reinvention of tradition lasagna, including a marsala sauce) and the orecchiette with sausage and broccoli rabe. We also had a nice carafe of pinot grigio with dinner and then a chocolate crema with delicious pistachio biscotti for dessert. A really nice meal. Also, 10% off with your movie stub, so we got out of there for a little over $100.