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Mar 6, 2006 02:47 PM


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Hello Seattle 'hounders! I just moved from SF and I'm looking for GREAT sushi for tonight to celebrate the move. I'm willing to go anywhere.
Important to me:) Value -- I'm prepared to spend on great sushi, but there's nothing worse than pricey mediocre fish. No nonsense -- prefer sashimi and nigiri to rolls. Wont be ordering anything off the non-sushi menu. Would love to see Ankimo and good uni on the menu.
I've checked the posts, and these restaurants pop out:
Saito, Mashiko and Nishino (seem to be the board favorites) Also mentioned -- Chiso, Sanmi, Hana, and Musashi.

Thanks for help!

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    1. Go to Kisaku in the south Green Lake area, 2101 N 55th St. It's the best I've had in Seattle.

      1. Skip Hana and Musashi. I've heard Chiso is exceptional. Shiro and Nishino are both good choices as well. The Ankimo at Maneki in the International District used to be quite excellent but I haven't had it since their sushi chef left.

        If you scroll down there's a fairly recent discussion about the best omakase in Seattle (I think the top runners were Shiro and Nishino).

        1. Kisaku is great, as one other person already said. Can't compare it to Nishino or Shiro's, but it is great.
          Sanmi is closed for good, so you can take that one off the list.

          1. Do tell us where you ended up going and what you thought.