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Hello Seattle 'hounders! I just moved from SF and I'm looking for GREAT sushi for tonight to celebrate the move. I'm willing to go anywhere.
Important to me:) Value -- I'm prepared to spend on great sushi, but there's nothing worse than pricey mediocre fish. No nonsense -- prefer sashimi and nigiri to rolls. Wont be ordering anything off the non-sushi menu. Would love to see Ankimo and good uni on the menu.
I've checked the posts, and these restaurants pop out:
Saito, Mashiko and Nishino (seem to be the board favorites) Also mentioned -- Chiso, Sanmi, Hana, and Musashi.

Thanks for help!

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    1. Go to Kisaku in the south Green Lake area, 2101 N 55th St. It's the best I've had in Seattle.


      1. Skip Hana and Musashi. I've heard Chiso is exceptional. Shiro and Nishino are both good choices as well. The Ankimo at Maneki in the International District used to be quite excellent but I haven't had it since their sushi chef left.

        If you scroll down there's a fairly recent discussion about the best omakase in Seattle (I think the top runners were Shiro and Nishino).

        1. Kisaku is great, as one other person already said. Can't compare it to Nishino or Shiro's, but it is great.
          Sanmi is closed for good, so you can take that one off the list.

          1. Do tell us where you ended up going and what you thought.

            1. I would also recommend Shiro's, Saito's or Nishino's.

              1. Enjoy a relaxing ferry ride to Bainbridge Island and then walk a few blocks to the Bainbridge Sushi House!

                1. i am in the same boat. don't go to mashikos i think it is over rated. i don't like the sushi there at all. i'm from the bay area too and was disappointed twice in the last 6 months. but the service and ambience are super

                  1. After reading many recommendations on this board and other places, we went to Chiso in Fremont for sushi while visiting Seattle last week. It was absolutely fantastic. The pricepoint might have been a smidgen high ($4-6 for most nigiri), but it was well worth it. The shrimp tempura was the lightest and most flavorful I have ever had, and the maguro and unagi were out of this world. They were offering King Yukon salmon as a special and it was completely and utterly divine.

                    The decor was very nice and quite chic. The place was very full so the server was very busy, but she still took the time to chat about the fish with us and to help us make our choices. The server told us that the sushi chef at Chiso studied under Shiro, and he definitely seems to have learned a thing or two.

                    I highly recommend Chiso for anyone looking for reasonably priced sushi in Seattle. Delicious. I wish I could eat there again tonight.

                    1. SHIRO SHIRO SHIRO

                      It is located near Pike Place on 2401 2nd Ave Seattle, WA
                      Mainly a locals spot, (we drive all the way from Vancouver BC) great fresh fish, amazing specials - anything on the locals menu is worth trying. Go early as they tend to line up form about 6:30 on.


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                        Hard to believe that one would drive 2-3 hrs from Vancouver BC to eat at SHiro's when you have Tojo's in Vancouver?

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                          Another vote for Tojo, the best Japanese food I've had outside of Japan.

                      2. I agree. Tojo's omikase is fantastic.

                        1. Which of these places is more contemporary, less traditional, more, um, Nobu-esque? Also, I'm going to Vancouver next week. Should I just eat there instead of Seattle?

                          1. If you are looking for Nobu-esque, go to Nishino (former alum of Matsuhisa's, with many of the Nobu standards, or variations thereof). Tojo's is sufficiently different style that I would eat at both if you have the chance.

                            1. I am visiting Seattle for a few days and went to Shiro's the first night I was here. I was lucky enough to be able to sit right in front of Shiro at the bar and the food was AMAZING. Probably the freshest nigiri I've ever had. I did chef's choice and he served me about 12+ different nigiri, plus a broiled black cod and his signature spicy tuna salad. Everything was GREAT. My favorites were the bluefin Toro and the local Uni. I highly recommend this to anyone who is in town. The price seemed very reasonable given the quality, as my whole meal was $50 (excluding drinks).

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                                Glad you enjoyed it. I find Shiro's sushi pieces to be exceptionally small and stingy for the price, but ymmv. I've asked for o-toro there before and he said he didn't have any, then i saw him give some to other customers (this has happened to me more than once).

                              2. The Seattle Times has a good sushi message board covering places all over the area:


                                1. i'm in bellevue, so i love shota sushi and grill...but here's a great sushi site...


                                  1. Two places we go to regularly: Toyoda Sushi on Lake City Way (Paul Newman goes here when he's in town I understand) - it is such a simple place you will not believe the level of sushi you will get. Other place is Blue C Sushi - it's pretty good but it;s so close to our home that we go here most often - oh, it's in Fremont. Anothe place we like, but only go once ayear probably is Todai's - it's downtown seattle.
                                    Good Luck
                                    Vicki in Seattle