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Mar 21, 2006 05:47 PM

Antico Forno

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Anybody been lately?
I have heard great and I have heard awful...

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  1. I think the truth lies somewhere in between. I was there, for the second time, about a month ago. The food is very good, much more authentically "Italian" than many of the other red sauce places in the North End, and fairly priced. They also take reservations (which they honor) and have cheap validated parking, which makes it quite civilized to go there.

    The gnocchi are the best I've had in Boston, the swordfish was delicious, and I've heard the pizza is great, though I haven't tried it.

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    1. re: winedude

      how about the roast chicken?

      with the brick oven, that chicken comes out super crisp and juicy.

      That's all I ever get there, and I love it.

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        my meals there have ranged from good to excellent. i always feel confident recommending it to others.

        my absolute favorite is the vesuvio pizza (warm ricotta and sweet roasted peppers, topped with tender delicately-flavored prosciutto). last visit, DC had the linguine al frutti di mare (linguine with various seafood, baked in parchment) and said it was great.

        but most of all, DC and i think that antico forno may have the best tiramisu we've had in boston (not that we've sampled it all). it's almost perfectly balanced - not too much alcohol, not too sweet as to be cloying, not too buttery as to sit like a brick in your stomach. truly divine.

      2. a quick scan of your recent posts indicates that you're looking for a place for 50+ guests. just fyi: antico forno might be a bit cramped for that...

        1. went there in the fall--a very good meal, with a memorable risotto, lobster risotto, i believe. my girlfriend had the gnocchi, which i recall being superb.

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            Had the gnocchi al forno and the antipast and loved them both over the summer.

          2. I've had the Ribbollita Soup (according to their menu: Traditional Tuscany bread soup with seasonal vegetables, cannelini beans, pancetta and parmigiano cheese drizzled with extra virgin olive oil )
            It's wonderful and the only place you can get it around Boston as far as I know

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            1. re: Susana

              I've seen ribollita in a few places around town, including Ristorante Toscano on Beacon Hill, Umbria in the Financial District, and the Tuscan Grill in Waltham. My favorite version by far is at Trattoria Toscana in the Fenway, though Antico Forno's is pretty good.

              My own experiences on many visits to Antico Forno have been uniformly excellent. It's friendly, casual, and a good value, with some nice-priced wines on a rather short list. And it takes reservations and serves dessert, rarities for the neighborhood. The pizzas and baked pastas, both done in a wood-fired oven, are my favorites.

              1. re: MC Slim JB

                Thanks for the info about other places to get ribbollita. I'll check them out

                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  Ribollita's not currently on the menu at Umbria (as of last night). Second the rec for the one at Trattoria Toscana's great, almost like many I've had in Tuscany.

                  1. re: Limster

                    I can't vouch for its current presence on Ristorante Toscano's or the Tuscan Grill's menus either. But it shouldn't be a surprise on any menu with a Tuscan influence (and is popular in Umbria, the region, as well).

                    1. re: MC Slim JB

                      A little Googling shows that Ristorante Toscano doesn't have ribollita on its current menu, but that Teatro, The Butcher Shop (!), and Tomasso (in Southborough) do. Who knew?

                2. re: Susana

                  I love Antico Forno - the linguine with clam sauce baked in parchment is perfect. However, I was not at all impressed with the ribollita. It was nothing like the ribollita we had in Italy and we were disappointed.

                3. Quick update for my recent visit here. Went over on a Sunday night (not tonight :)) and I should definitely mention that it was one of the very few restaurants in the NE that was on a busy steady mode that night. That is a great indicator as everything else (walking thru the streets) seemed completely empty.
                  Had an excellent caprese salad - even though the mozzarella was decribed as mozzarella di Buffala it certainly wasnt, but extremely tasty nonetheless.
                  I had the Vesuvio pizza whereas SO had a margerita with arugula and shaved parmigiano on top. Extremely fresh ingredients and tasty dough - however, still not the crust results I expected.
                  Didnt try any of the entress as went in for pizza & birra - but glad to see they had traffic that night.