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Mar 19, 2006 06:57 PM

Irish brown bread

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Does anyone know where I can buy brown bread around town?

I just returned from a trip to Ireland w/ my cousins who live roughly 1 hour from Boston. They were complaining that they couldn't get a good Irish breakfast where they live and I assured them that they could here -- with so many choices, I'm not sure where I'll take them yet.
They also asked about brown bread and I wasn't so sure.

I've been to Kiki's in Brighton, but don't recall seeing it. I haven't been to Keltic Krust in Newton in ages -- do they carry it?

Thanks for any tips. My friend from Co. Wexford just says to bake them a loaf, but they're actually looking for an ongoing supplier...

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  1. Bread & Bits of Ireland in Melrose has a lovely brown bread. Comes out in mid-morning and sells fast. Closed on Sundays.

    1. If they can't find it and want to make their own, Odlum's Brown Bread mix (imported from Ireland) can be found in the specialty aisles at some Stop n' Shops and Shaws supermarkets.

      1. The two best Irish breakfasts I have ever had are at The Banshee in Dorchester and The Holy Ground in Quincy. Both come with gorgeous brown bread and they have teapots of Irish tea!! A must with any Irish breakfast.

        If you go to either one you can buy brown bread at Dot Market across the street from The Banshee or heading back into town from The Holy Ground you will pass a store with big signs saying it carries the most Irish products-sorry I can't remember the name.

        1. My wife is also from Ireland and the best Brown Bread in the Boston area that we've found is at Celtic Crust in West Newton. If you call them they'll put a few loaves aside for you.

          1. Thanks so much everyone -- I definitely plan to check out every place mentioned!