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I'm new to town and taking a break from pro cheffing, but still need to stock my kitchen with good, inexpensive professional equipment but I can't for the life of me locate a decent restaurant supply store. In Philadelphia we have an entire street of them. Where are they in Boston? Any fellow cooks wanna help me out with this one?? Thanks!

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  1. China Fair in Newton has some good stuff

    Link: http://www.chinafairinc.com/

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      There's also a China Fair in Cambridge, down the street from the School of Culinary Arts.

    2. Eastern Bakers Supply on Washington Street just outside the North End

      Link: http://www.easternbakers.com

      1. There are some in Chelsea I think down by the market and I thought there was one in Somerville over near the AJ Wright parking lot. Sorry I have no names. Did you look in the yellow pages?

        1. Eastern Baker's Supply on N. Washington St near Commercial St (easternbakers.com) is awesome. They are only open on weekdays 8a-4:30p, however.

          There's also a big box format place on First Ave in Newton Highlands called Restaurant Depot, but it's not open to consumers. I think you might have to show them some kind of proof that you're in the restaurant business.

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            Actually that's over the line into Needham. (Not to nitpick too much - I was thinking someone might wind up trying to get their phone number from 411 or something.)

            Link: http://www.restaurantdepot.com/Home.asp

          2. Welcome to Boston! BMS Paper Supply on Washington St. in Jamaica Plain is a restaurant supply store, although I think they carry cheaper off-brands of professional pots and pans and utensils. I usually buy bakery boxes, cardboard cake rounds and various other things there. Saturday morning, you can find lots of local food vendors filling up carts with to-go containers, huge bags of sugar...

            There's also a restaurant supply in Chelsea that I've been to a few times. It's one of those "club" places like Costco. You have to pay a fee first and get a card. A friend is a member. I bought a stainless steel table for my kitchen there. I don't know the name, but maybe someone else on the board knows.

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              I think the Chelsea place is the other Restaurant Depot.

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                That sounds right. My friend was an admin assistant in an office, so she got her membership because she bought supplies for the office break room. She's not a restaurant professional.

            2. I've had very good luck with Boston Showcase Company in Newton. I outfitted my kitchen with some Metro shelving from them, which they sell for a good price (and no shipping charge if you pick up). They mostly deal with the trade, but except for dishes and flatware, are happy to sell to individuals as well. They have a pretty decent selection of cookware, utensils, and equipment in their showroom.

              They're at 66 Winchester St., Newton (just down the road from China Fair that Dax recommended below). 617-965-1100

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                Good to know, thanks MichaelB

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                  thanks Michael B - Boston Showcase is great.
                  just picked up some Metro shelving there.
                  I'll be back to pick up some other odds and ends soon.

                2. Also, Harbour Food Service Equipment... there's one in Chelsea and one in the North End somewhere. They're nice. They have a ton of stuff.

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                    The one in the North End is on North Washington Street, across from Nebo and heading towards Charlestown.

                  2. The one in Somerville that someone mentioned below is on Somerville Ave just outside of Union Sq. Entrance is via the Market Basket parking lot, it's off to the right of the supermarket. As I recall from when I lived in the area, they have a lot of both kitchen and table utensils and sundry supplies (giant containers of condiments and such), but do not stock major appliances.

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                      The Boston Paper Warehouse (or something like that) in Somerville has been closed for a year or so. And I haven't noticed it open up again. As noted they have another location.

                      I mostly use Northeast Baker's Supplies and back it up with Instawares.com. I have bought parts from Pete Di Pirro on Rutherford in Charlestown, although they are more equipment oriented. China fair is better for flatware and plates. For purchasing supplies in quantity you also have Sweetlive Cash and Carry, Savage & Co, and a few others.

                      My understanding is to get a restaurant depot card, you need a resale certificate or tax-exempt #. Its possible to borrow a card.

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                        Thanks for the update, I moved out of the area a couple of years ago and didn't realize that.

                    2. Thanks everyone!

                      1. Another option is the market (spacing on the name) just down the street from See Sun in Chinatown. They have a bunch of restaurant supply stuff -- from basic stainless sheet pans to plastic tubs, and of course very cheap woks, steamers, cleavers, sushi plates, etc.

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                          That place is great!

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                            Does anyone know the name of this restaurant supply place - and if it's still in business? I need some supplies, but I'm pressed for time (and money) so I have to be sure it's still there (and know where I'm going would help, too, lol)

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                              Don't quote me, but I think it might be Chin Enterprises:


                              For what you mentioned in the other post, Eastern Bakers might be more what you are looking for.

                              Chin Enterprises
                              33 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02111

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                                Hmm - this is strange - I posted a reply awhile ago, but it seems to have disappeared!

                                (my apologies if this ends up being a double posting)

                                First of all - thank you. I'd like to go there mainly to see if I can find a good, but inexpensive (something I can currently afford!) cleaver. It's not required in my school's knife kit - but that's always been my knife of choice, but the one I currently have is not great.

                        2. You had Previn in Philly, which is great, and you can still order by phone from them. I get most things online at jbrince.com or bridgekitchenware.com. Both usually have specials. A little known secret: restaurant supply stores usually charge full retail.

                          If you have your heart set on shopping the aisles, I would consider Boston Showcase in Newton.

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                            Hi - I don't know who or what Previn in Philly is. Thanks for the other links - my problem is not whether I want to shop locally - it's timing. My classes (yippee!) start Wed. I have to have everything on that day (and Monday is a holiday, to make things even more tight!)

                            Newton is a bit far for me - I'm on the North Shore, but thanks - and I'll check those links for the future.

                          2. I actually can't believe this one hasn't made it's way into a post. Harbour Food used to be in the North End and Chelsea, now it's just in Chelsea and they can get you ANYTHING. I can't stress this enough. this is the best restaurant supply store anywhere. They serve all the restaurants in Boston, I know I used to be a chef here. I've stocked my entire home kitchen with products from Harbour. You can find info at:


                            Have fun!

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                              You know, I used to go to a restaurant supply place in Chelsea that was really, really good - but that was many years ago, and I could not for the life of me remember exactly where it was. Went to another - I think it was Restaurant Depot - prices were high & the selection wasn't all that good.

                              I can just hop on the commuter rail to get there - and see if this is the same place.Thanks so much!

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                                Well, it turns out Harbour Foods is quite far from the commuter rail, and the closest bus stop is about 5 blocks away. Don't think it's the best area to be walking by myself, so I'm going to pass (until I can get a ride at some point). But thanks - I will try to get there soon.

                                And also - thank you! I think I am going to have some fun!