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Mar 14, 2006 01:25 PM

Culinary Walking Tours

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Some friends and I signed up for a culinary walking tour of Boston's South End in May through the Brookline Continuing Ed group... in the past, we took a really great one in Watertown that was lead by Ana Sortun (which at the time was available thru BU and thru RISD). I've seen some tours offered in Chinatown and the North End, but would love to hear feedback on which ones are really worthwhile, and are there any that are more on the unusual side that might not be on my radar?

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  1. I've taken a few cooking classes with Nadine Nelson at the Boston Center for Adult Ed, and she mentioned that she's going to be doing culinary walking tours for them this summer of a bunch of neighborhoods; I was most excited about the Union Sq tour in Somerville and the Jamaica Plain tour. She said they would involve checking out local ethnic markets and learning about the different ingredients, etc, and also trying a variety of foods and snacks from the different places. I'm going to keep my eye out for them on the BCAE website. I imagine they'll be reasonable.

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      I've done some walking tours with Nadine Nelson, they are a ton of fun. She gets a lot of food for everyone, so come hungry - I've done the Jamaica Plain and South End tours. She is holding cooking classes at the Hill House in Boston these days, which are great (and free through April 4!). See

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      Wallace & Gromit

      I LOVED the North End Market tour!!!

      Really worth it.

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        Second that. I've never taken this tour but I see them all around the NE (at the right places)..and have only heard good things.

      2. Highly recommend the North End tour. The leader, Michelle Topor, has lived there for many years and knows everything and everybody. Besides being knowledgeable, she is also charming and warmly welcomed wherever she takes you. Very worthwhile.

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          Where can I find information on these walking food tours? Especially of the North End!

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              Wallace & Gromit

              Gee no offense - but I posted a link yesterday ...

              Anyway, the tour is really great - and you get to sample wonderful food all over the North End. I LOVED sampling at Maria's the best :-)