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Mar 10, 2006 06:44 AM

Good Irish - North Shore

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Anyone know of a good place on the north shore where we can go around St Patricks Day and get some good Irish faire, Irish music, maybe see some Irish step dancers. My 90 year old grandmother is ready to kick up her heels.

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  1. Perhaps not quite the North Shore, but Hugh O'Neills in Malden is a really nice Irish pub with great atmosphere. Here's a link to them:

    1. Well I do know that the Burren (sp?) in Davis Square has seisiuns, but I don't believe they have step dancing.

      If you are downtown at all and near one of the Irish bars (Fanueil Hall and on Broad Street areas), pick up an Irish Immigrant newspaper. It will have all the info you need.

      And Happy St. Pat's Day!

      1. I'm pretty sure that Rosie O'Shea's in Newburyport has step dancing on Tuesday nights. From their News and Events page:

        "Don’t forget that Rosie’s offers live nightly entertainment Thursday – Sunday, and be sure to join in the Irish Seisiun every Tuesday night from 7-10 pm!"

        You might also find something at this site:


        1. McSwiggins in Salem is a nice little place, not sure about the dancing. Located right across the street from the Hawthorne Hotel