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Lulu's Bakery in the North End

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Just opened today. Had a yummy chocolate cupcake and carrot cake. Cute little spot and perfect for the neighborhood full of italian pastries. Have interested savory bread puddings for breakfast. I will try one tomorrow.

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  1. The chocolate trifle's great -- very moist and rich chocolate cake (leading me to extrapolate that the cakes are going to be exemplary), ajust the right amount of buttery caramel swirled in, and good whipped cream.

    The pecan roll is nice, bready, and good hint of yeast.

    1. Do you have an address?


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        I don't but it is right on Hanover St. right next to what used to be Via Valverde.

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          Via Valverde's next incarnation is called Tresca, according to the sign on the door.

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        I had a nice lemon-lime cookie there this afternoon. I'd like to try the carrot cake cupcake--the woman working there said that's all she's had and it's amazing.

        They do have a web site but there's not much info up yet.

        Link: http://www.lulusbakeshoppe.com

        1. Google the Boston Globe article about cupcakes on 08/30/06. It talks about Lulu's and others.

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            Didn't this article also have a recipe for red velvet cupcakes? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Any advice you could provide would be appreciated!

          2. They also make a fantastic biscotti.

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              Those biscotti are great. I prefer their chewy style to the traditional hard biscotti.

            2. Good cupcakes-my sister surprised me with a chocolate/white frosting and a red velvet (complete with cream cheese frosting). My sister (since I didn't go) said it had sort of Magnolia-like feel with old fashioned desserts and such.
              The cake was very good and chocolately and the frosting was sinfully buttery--the frosting definitely gave me a "magnolia" fix.
              Other than what was mentioned, are there any other treats that shouldn't be missed?

              1. Just had a red velvet cupcake and a carrot cake cupcake: both very very good, moist flavorful cake, frosting not too sweet. The red velvet one I got had a white frosting that looked like whipped cream - didn't strike me as a regular confectioner-sugar buttercream exactly or a cream cheese frosting - it really reminded me of a frosting recipe from an old cookbook (with half butter, half white shortening). Definitely has nostalgia appeal this place!
                And the people running it are really really nice!

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                  The RV frosting I had I think was like this:
                  WHIP CREAM ICING
                  5 tbsp. flour
                  1 c. milk
                  1 c. butter
                  1 c. granulated sugar
                  1 tsp. vanilla
                  Cook flour and milk until thick. Stir constantly and cool. Beat sugar and butter well with mixer. Cream with vanilla well. Add to flour and milk. Beat until fluffy like whip cream. Easy perfect icing.

                  Other version:
                  1 1/2 c. milk
                  2 tbsp. cornstarch (be sure it is packed tight)
                  Mix cornstarch and milk together until cornstarch is dissolved. Cook, stirring constantly, until thickened and bubbly over low heat. Then cook about 30 seconds more, still stirring. Let cool throughly. PART II:
                  1/2 c. granulated sugar
                  1/2 c. white Crisco
                  1/2 c. butter
                  1 tsp. vanilla
                  Optional: Coconut
                  Cream mixture until light and fluffy. Mix sugar, Crisco, butter and vanilla. Combine with cornstarch mixture. Whip until fluffy. After icing the cake press on coconut, if desired, to taste.

                  I've been on Atkins diet, and stuff like this is a rare treat!