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Mar 1, 2006 12:46 PM

Zathmary's closed!

  • c

Just checked it out this morning. Yes it is closed and dark with two days worth of bakery deliveries stacked up inside the door. Seems like they just decided not to open.

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  1. h

    I posted this earlier- It almost looks like they decided to skip town it is super wierd.....I think that there is a story behind this...

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    1. re: hotsauceathlete
      Bob Dobalina

      Where is your earlier post?

      1. re: Bob Dobalina

        At the link below, in response to my recommendation of it.


    2. Are you speaking about all Zathmary's, the one in Brookline, the one in Needham???

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        1. re: emilief

          Needham one has been closed since last week too. Weird, I really liked it.

        2. Someone posted about this yesterday. That's a shame...there goes my smoked sable, whitefish, herring connection.

          Looks like it's Barry's in Waban from now on :(

          1. h

            That stinks.

            We walked by it just the other day and it was open, people were shopping, etc. What happened?

            I just called both numbers and both voicemail boxes were full. Not a good sign...

            1. h
              Heathen & Spells

              I am totally freaked out!!!- I was going to post about going to Zathmary's for the 1st time on President's Day- the Brookline branch- and how yes, the fish- the nova- was exactly right but that the problem was that they didn't have knowledgeable/special people working there to deal with the product with the expertise that they need (at Zabar's in NY, the fish people are true craftsmen- learning to slice fish is taken as seriously as slicing sashimi- the counter people train when young and stay there until they retire. It is a real voacation). I was planning to post to find out if there was a lack of experienced peoples there because it was a holiday or whether this is always the case. You can't just have the goods without the properly trained counterpeople...I think the 3 things necessary are the right product, the right people to prepare, slice et al and enough turnover so that the fish et al stays fresh. With this criteria does Barry's in Waban (which I've been hearing about for years) meet? It would be so wonderful if it did...Truly weird about Zathmary's, do you think that we were witnessing the end- the place seemed quite dissipated and odd?...

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              1. re: Heathen & Spells

                I used to live in Brookline and I think that "dissipated and odd" is a perfect description of the mood at Zathmary's most times I went. It was nice to have them around, but the place was always a weird mix of good and indifferent. Some of the deli guys really knew their stuff, some were clueless; they had some decent cheeses, which were rarely stored well; some of the prepared foods were pretty good but the prices made Whole Foods seem like bargain-land. Hopefully something good or better will spring up out in that space - it certainly does fill a need in the neighborhood.

                1. re: MichaelB

                  I think a comparison of Zathmary's cheeses with Whole Foods is very telling. Also think about a comparison to Formaggio Kitchen. My point is that Zathmary's didn't fulfill many needs. The food wasn't premium quality, and the selection wasn't very good. It was probably dozens of times I entered Zathmary's and thought, "I can do better."

                  1. re: hlsip

                    Agreed. I always kind of liked the idea of it being there, but the only thing I ever bought was their smoked fish. I guess I should have seen the end coming a couple of months ago when they stopped carrying belly (salty) lox, for lack of demand. Same thing happened with the old B&D Deli, though the gap there was a couple of years. New theory: if a deli stops carrying belly lox, it's not long for this world!

                    1. re: BobB

                      It wasn't just the belly lox. I should have known trouble was coming when they stopped carrying Happy Herberts Pretzels, my favorite brand, a few months ago. And, with perfect hindsight, I should have noticed that service had become more lackadaisical recently and the shelves were getting a little bare.