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Feb 27, 2006 11:32 AM

Khao Sarn

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I had dinner at Khao Sarn yesterday for the first time. I was very impressed. From the moment I walked in the door the staff was friendly and eager to help me. They were very attentive and able to explain and answer any questions I had.

I had the miang kum, haw moak, and mango with sticky rice. I've only miang kum one other time and Khao Sarn's version was a little different. The portions were larger (especially the amount of toasted coconut) which made it difficult to fold the leave and pop it in my mouth. I also greatly missed the addition of chopped fresh mango that appeared in the other miang kum I had. I still enjoyed it though.

The haw moak was spectacular. I pictured it totally different. I thought everything would be wrapped in a large limp banana leaf. Instead it was a small basket made out of banana leaves (how did they do that?) with the filling resting inside. It was also a lot smaller than I imagined. What it lacked in size it made up for in taste and flavor. It was rich and creamy and spicy and totally delicious. I was worried it'd be too coconutty for me but I didn't even taste any coconut. It was perfect. I loved spooning the extra curry sauce over the rice too.

The mango and sticky rice was great. The mango was nice and fresh, an ample amount of sticky rice, and sweet coconut cream. I loved it. Now I know why everybody talks about this place. What other dishes are good?

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  1. Other favorite dishes: pla neung ma-now, the spicy prawn dish, gai gaprow, and pad kee mao.

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      There's a spicy prawn dish with ground rice, that i often get them to make with squid; much better!
      Also, try the veggie dumplings as an app; they're rice dough with chives inside, fried to a crispy outside. Lovely.


    2. My standards are the dry jerky appetizer, the beef pad see ew (sp) and the seafood stew listed under "specialties" and served in a hollowed out coconut. I'd like to try some of the other menu items but those three things are so yummy, I just can't get past 'em!

      1. I really like the spicy beef salad.

        1. planning to go there tonight but one in our group doesn't eat a spicy food - is there enough choice of non spicy dishes?

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            "not spicy, please" in Thai: My Pet, Khrap (male speaker), My Pet, Kha (female speaker)

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              My Pet, Khrap sounds like what the dog did this morning. Keeping it on food, Khao Sarn is terrific and haven't been in a while. Thanks for the reminder.