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Feb 22, 2006 01:11 PM

True North Coffee Beans? (Seattle)

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In an effort to avoid corporate coffee and save a few bucks, I've been sampling locally roasted beans at the grocery store.

So far, my favorite is Besalu Blend from True North roasters, which used to be sold at Ballard Market and Central market, but has disappeared from the shelf. The last time I went to Cafe Besalu, they were serving Lighthouse coffee, so maybe True North has gone out of business.

Does anyone know what happened to True North? And what are your favorite beans to buy at the market?

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  1. A quick Google search gave me the phone number for True North Roasting House (206-706-4131). It appears they are still around although I don't know where their coffee is sold.

    My favorite locally roasted coffee is the Highlands Blend from Diva Espresso. It's roasted at their 145th and Greenwood location but can be purchased at any of their locations.

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      A woman from True North called me back today. She told me their coffee is sold at both Ballard and Central Markets. It's also served at Cafe Moose in Ballard.

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      Maine Hofius

      Hello from True North Roasting House. Thank you for the compliment. True North coffee can still be purchased at Ballard Market and at Central Market. You can also purchase True North at Bert's Red Apple, in Madison Park.

      1. The April issue of O magazine includes a full page picture of High Point Cafe, in Mt Airy, Pennsylvania. The High Point Cafe is owned/operated by Meg Hagele, a former partner of Cafe Besalu. Just thought you might like to take a look.

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          J & J Java located in front of the Home Depot on 116 th and Aurora serves this bean / roast. My favorit comment is people saying " I can't believe that I am getting this good of an espresso drink from in front of a Home Depot ! "

          Stop bye 8)


        2. They're a Seattle based husband and wife team and are still in business. You can buy their coffee at the Central Market.
          Try searching their corporate office number at the, or Qwest Dex.

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            Sorry, I didn't see the previous replies from True NOrth.

          2. Well, it's many years later, but I just discovered that Kaffeeklatsch on Lake City Way (!) serves True North beans. I wandered into this coffee shop just now because my auto mechanic is a block away and I have to say -- it's really great, and a surprising find on an otherwise dubious stretch of Lake City. In addition to having True North coffee and friendly service, they have a german bakery that seems to be producing great breads and sweets. Definitely worth a visit.

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              They also have a German storytime. So sweet!

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                True North has been sold at Columbia City Bakery for some time now. I like the Tanzanian they frequently have as drip coffee.

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                  Disregard the above. I went in and saw they were using Herkimer coffee.