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ISO Best Bagels in Seattle

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Any recommendations on the best bagels in Seattle (preferably between Greenwood and Auburn)?

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  1. My favorites are Zatz bagels in West Seattle (but that's not too close to your preferred locale). See link below.

    Link: http://www.nwsource.com/ae/scr/nws_re...

    1. Bagel Oasis on 65th in Ravenna has the best in the city!

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        I agree. Bagel Oasis is the best bagel I have had in Seattle.... not as good as Ess-A-Bagel in NYC but pretty darn good. I haven't really had better than Bagel Oasis in Seattle.

      2. I tried Bagel Oasis this morning and must admit that they're pretty damn good (although of course they aren't as good as NYC).

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          I am a big fan of Pike Place bagels, and as a former east coaster, a self admitted bagel snob. (i am in therapy for this, so it will be ok)

          1. re: bluedog67

            at which of these places can you get bagels soft and hot out of the oven (like, rolling out of the oven into your hands, a la St Viateur or similar bakeries in Montreal)? Eating one of these completely demolished my notion of what a bagel was.

              1. re: savvy savorer

                GOD BLESS THE MONTREAL BAGEL. None of that NYC "round bread" crap. I would suggest driving up to Vancouver and head to Siegel's bagels on Cornwall and Burrard. There's another siegels in Granville Island, a food mecca in it's own right. It is as close as you can get to St Viateur this side of Montreal. It is NOT St Viateur but it's a pretty good approximation. They freeze well... Just nuke them for 30sec and then pop them (don't cut them first) in a toaster oven. Tastes pretty close to coming right out of the oven. ENJOY>

        2. My Coffeehouse on Madison Avenue serves H&H bagels from NYC. The only downside is they were previously frozen.

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            I hear they stopped doing this because it got too expensive.

            There are no good bagels in Seattle. There are accept bagel-shaped items that resemble bagels and will serve as a comforting substitute. Zatz, Bagel Oasis, and Pike Place do all have these.

            (800) NY-BAGEL will get you an order of H&H bagels, albeit for a hefty price.

            barleywino, most of these places will give you a hot bagel if they happen to have come out of the oven recently. go early and ask if anything's hot. it's still not the same, though.

            (bluedog67, what time's therapy this week? i forgot)

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              thanks, i'm no bagel expert, but the Montreal style of bagel blew me away, sort of like comparing a croissant with a hard roll

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                I gotta say, as a native New Yorker displaced here for grad school, I'll take a Bagel Oasis bagel any day over and H&H. Even back home, I never got the H&H thing--too big and boring for me.

            2. In my opinion, there are no good bagels in Seattle. Try NYC! What you get here is a huge, soft, very bready bagel which has to be toasted to be palatable. I've given up.

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              1. re: Seattle Rose

                seattledebs - i get confused which night is bagel therapy and which night is deli sandwiches. I have been released from pizza therapy due to Tribunali (not the same as ny, but dang is it good!)

                not to slag seattle, folks, we are hands down on coffee, thai, seafood, seasonal, etc. did you hear that ny now has a "thing" about latte art? as if it was a new concept? ha ha!

              2. Why not cross the Lake? Try Mikie's Broklyn Bagels in Redmond.

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                1. re: TrickySam

                  TrickySam: you are 100% correct. Mikie's in Redmond is the superior bagel for the region. They are not the best bagels I've ever had, but nonetheless are actually superior to H&H based on my most recent NYC H&H experience.

                  Furthermore, they use Boar's Head meats for their sandwiches, so you can get a knock-out roast beef bagel sandwich at lunchtime. Big two thumbs up!

                  On the other hand, so far, I haven't found any bagels in Seattle proper that don't totally suck.

                2. Bagel Oasis Bagel Oasis Bagel Oasis. Enough chew, restrained on the insane flavorings, fresh hot, ohhhhhh.

                  1. This might make y'all gasp (choke)...but Safeway does a pretty good job with them in this dearth-of-realNYC-bagels city.

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                    1. re: staffstuff

                      I strongly disagree! I think they taste terrible, don't sit well in the stomach, and look pretty terrible too. Shudder.

                      But then again I have bagels from NYC in my freezer now.

                    2. Yup, there really are no really good bagels in Seattle...unless you make them yourself. I know, there are some things you should never make at home, and if you live in NYC that might be true of bagels. Deb, a NYC blogger at smittenkitchen.com inspired me to make bagels when she said, “…one thing that bothers me about bagels is that they’re too big. There’s just no reason to eat 7 ounces of bread for breakfast. “ Her September 2207 post for "Bronx-worthy Bagels" included a very good recipe (with her technique notes) for mini-bagels taken from The Bread Baker’s Apprentice by Peter Reinhart, which I have made twice with excellent results . Make 24 mini-bagels topped with whatever you like (parmesan cheese, onion and cracked black pepper is an excellent combo), slice them and pop them in your freezer until you want a really good bagel. Worth trying.

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                      1. re: juniebug

                        Bagel Oaisis bagels are good bagels. I have been to NYC and had bagels at Essabagel. These were a little bit better. They were also bigger as were all the bagels I saw in NYC in May 2007.

                        Every bagel I saw in NYC was way bigger than a Bagel Oasis bagel.

                        Maybe you should open a bagel bakery. If you think NYC bagels are smaller you must not have been there in quite a while.

                        1. re: knowspicker

                          Big bagels exist because of demand for them, but the best NYC bagel bakeries still make smaller bagels with high surface area/volume ratios (The Bagel Hole), sometimes selling them alongside the bigger bagels that have become the norm as "mini-bagels" (Terrace Bagels - a poppy mini with a schmear is to my mind the apotheosis of bageldom.)

                          I do think Bagel Oasis does a better bagel than many in NYC (there are a thousand street carts with much worse bagels every morning in midtown Manhattan) but it can't compete with what would be a merely good bagel shop in NYC or Montreal.

                          To its credit, Bagel Oasis does get the proportions of the bagel right but I don't think they quite nail the right flavor and texture. I suspect subtle differences in the local water chemistry and possibly the varying origin of ingredients sourced here are to blame.

                          Now, my kingdom for a passable bialy... (BO tries but is hopeless there...)

                          1. re: terrier

                            Based on reading this thread I tried Bagel Oasis this weekend. They hit the spot perfectly for my morning craving. I have been in Seattle all my life and these have now become my favorite. They were crispy chewy on the outside and dense smooth on the inside. I loved my onion bagel- Perfect for Seattle.

                            1. re: natalie.warner

                              I've had them in NY, in LA on Fairfax, and in Seattle, and Bagel Oasis is the real deal. 'Nuf said!

                              1. re: Baboo

                                There's a difference between having had them in those places and being raised on them. I was raised on good bagels in New York, and I think many (but not all) people who were raised as such would agree that Bagel Oasis has pretty good texture, but is lacking on the chewiness and flavor. Pretty much what terrier said above. Bagel Oasis bagels are just a little bland and missing a certain something. I used to live around the corner from them and would only go there occasionally.

                                1. re: seattledebs

                                  try some cream cheese and lox, you won't be missing that certain something for long.

                                  1. re: Baboo

                                    Don't even get me started on the quality of lox in Seattle! Though I do like the cream cheese they sell at Bagel Oasis.

                                    The certain something is in the bagel quality, I'm afraid.