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Feb 20, 2006 12:52 AM

rino's place?

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anyone been to rino's place in e. boston? thoughts? reviews?

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  1. Rino's is great. I love their chicken in a lemon sage sauce with fried mozarella-its delicious. It's small and there can be a little wait for a late dinner on the weekend. Under links on my website there is at least one link that talks about Rino's. I'll try and get their menu up in the next day or so.


    1. I was there with a group of seven three weeks ago and had a wonderful meal. Several of us ordered lobster ravioli with seafood fra diavilo which was great. Appetizers were delicious, fried calimari, and an eggplant dish were among them. Service was friendly and very attentive. We all had a great time and parking was not a problem.

      1. I miss Rino's!! I lived in East Boston for 2 years and this was our local gem. Every one of our friends from other (trendier?) parts of the city was blown away by Rino's. The regular menu offers a lot of traditional favorites - lots of stuffed veal, chicken etc. This is NOT to say that it needs updating - their gnocci is the best I've ever tasted and bolognese is equally delicious. For apps - the fried calamari is refreshingly light and fluffy with just a hint of fresh lemon. They always feature and extensive "specials" menu which usually includes a lot of delicious seafood entrees. Prices are great and portions are generous.

        1. I was there a few weeks ago with a BIG party celebrating a birthday. About sixteen of us all in a row of many connected tables. They served everything "family" style and everything was terrific. It was good Italian "comfort food". Antipasti, bruschetta, calamari (which was served with pepperoncini which made a very nice taste combo), gnocchi. eggplant parm, chicken parm all delicious. A funny thing happened. The electricity went out after the apps and they announced that we might have to leave without having the entrees. Nobody seemed to mind as we were full with the generous servings. The power came back on and we continued eating , getting enormously stuffed. We could have jogged backed to Boston and environs west to work off the meal. I wasn't hungry till the next evening.

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