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French Bistro in Seattle?

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Hi I am wondering if anyone has recommendations for casual French bistro dining in Seattle

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  1. Cafe Campagne or Le Pichet by the Pike Place Market.

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      FOr steak frites, Fork (Capitol hill) has a good version (injected with gorgonzola/garlic iirc). (skip the lobster corn dogs)

      Link: http://www.forkseattle.com/

      1. re: barleywino

        I finally went to Fork. It's a charming little place, although I would definitely not call it a French bistro. The portions are rather small, but I guess "small plates" at big prices are all the rage these days.

        If it's Steak Frites you're after, I suggest O2 in West Seattle -- an excellent, casual neighborhood place (also not a French bistro). I prefer the taste, portion and value of the Steak Frites there.

        Link: http://www.o2bistro.com/

    2. have not been to the others listed here, but Maximilien is casual yet luxurious (in a shabby chic way), and definitely French (replete with French-accented, pleasant waitstaff).

      Le Gourmand has also been listed as a must-go French spot in Ballard, although I have not been there yet and cannot comment on whether it is a full-bore upscale restaurant or a bistro.

      Link: http://www.maximilienrestaurant.com/

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        Jim, I second the vote on Maximillien's. Their menu is more extensive than Le Pichet and, if you want to have a private conversation, seating is better. (The upstairs bar is my preferance.) Le Gourmand is definitely upscale and is in the same league with Rover's in both quality and cost.

      2. I'd recommend Voila in Madison Park (near Cafe Flora). It's pretty and the food is excellent.

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          Amen! We love Voila. Nice setting, nice menu, reasonable prices. Very authentic bistro feel, even if they do spell it with a final 'T' ;-)

          le Pichet is excellent

        2. I love Le Pichet.

          1. the places mentioned by other posters are great. another place was reviewed in the seattle p.i. very recently. sounded very good. called le p'tite bistro, or something similar. located in belltown, about the 2000 block, i believe.

            1. For "casual French bistro dining" (as opposed to luxurious, full-on French some others seem to confuse this with) I would strongly second the recommendation for Cafe Campagne. What a great, small, hideaway -- with great food. Upstairs, Campagne proper is more a full-scale experience, but here you have a bright cheerful staff and good wine and the same excellent cooking, albeit a more limited menu.

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                Cremant in Madrona is a doggedly authentic french bistro--I spoke to someone there about how their steez is too make food like it is served at certain famous Paris bistros--and I think they pull it off quite well.

                Note that I have never been to Le Pichet and can't compare price or quality.

                1. re: equinoise

                  i prefer Cremant over Le Pichet personally

                  1. re: barleywino

                    Le Pichet is extremely authentic, atmosphere-wise, but I agree with barleywino about Cremant's culinary superiority...

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                      I'm going to have to give Cremant another try. I've only been once but I was unimpressed and never wanted to go back. I've always loved Le Pichet.

                      But then again, I love Le Gourmand ;)

                      1. re: Lauren

                        haven't been to Cremant for a while, to be honest...i used to like their charcuterie and the braised veal w/ rice (which might be off their menu during the summer)...their chicken and steak were ok imo, not spectacular...

                2. On the weekend, Cafe Campagne does have a fantastic brunch menu feature - the lamb burger with frites. My husband and I both ordered it and barely spoke during the meal. And it was a fight for the last of the aioli.

                  And I love the vibe in there for dinner. We stopped by on a whim on a weeknight, and they had an accordian band playing and a casual dining feel. Just a comfortable place.

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                    I completely agree about Cafe Campagne, tho i've not been in a few months. I esp liked the pink-centered thick-cut pork loin chop, paired to a nice glass of red Bordeaux.