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Feb 18, 2006 03:23 PM

Best Deli in Greater Boston?

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Hi. I'm sure this has been asked before, but it's an important question! New York is too far away...

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  1. Try Zathmary's in Coolidge Corner, they bring most of their fish & meats in from New York. New York quality hasn't been available in Boston since the old days of the Essex. (Anyone else remember the Essex?)

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    1. re: BobB

      I asked my BF - he remembers the Essex. He says it was a great deli.

      My mom used to take me to Shirley Ave. in Revere when I was a kid for great deli food (and not to digress too much, but back then, as now, I define 'deli'as Jewish deli - I lived in the culinary wasteland of Tucson for a couple of years, and anything/everything was a 'deli).

      Oh, I am craving a GOOD corned beef sandwich. The Pearl brand corned beef I bought at my supermarket did NOT cure my craving. Not what I remember, by any means.

      Used to go to a couple of places in Brookline years ago, too, places that exist only in my memory. Forgot the names, but one was on Harvard St, in Coolidge Corner, the other was on Beacon.

      Some chowhounds previously recommended a deli in Chelsea I have yet to try. Forgot the name - can someone refresh my memory, and perhaps lead us to a decent deli????

      1. re: threedogs

        The deli you're thinking of in Brookline is Michael's Deli which is at the corner of Harvard and Beacon in Brookline. I liked his corned beef but haven't been able to compare it to the NYC guys. Unfortunately, I can't provide any info on the place in Chelsea.

        1. re: fragolino

          Well, the ones I was talking about are long gone, I believe.
          Did a search – one was Jack & Marion's. I never went to the ones on Blue Hill Ave. – BF tells me they were out-of-this-world. Can't remember the name of the other one that we used to go to in Brookline – man, that was about 25 yrs ago!

          O.K., I am serious in my Hunt for Real Jewish Deli. Came up with these in my search – if anyone's been to them, please share:

          Arthur's Delicatessen
          139 Arlington
          Chelsea, MA 02150
          (617) 884-9538

          Washington Delicatessan
          373 Washington Ave.
          Chelsea, MA 02150
          (617) 889-0003

          Joan and Ed's Deli
          Sherwood Plaza (Route 9 East)
          Natick, MA 01760
          (508) 653-4442

          Maxie's Deli
          117 Sharon Street
          Stoughton, MA 02072
          (781) 341-1662

          Was wondering about Rubin's Deli in Brookline, as that was around was back then, too – but oy - $12 for a corned beef sandwich!? And I see (online menu) that some of their sandwiches are $18, $19!


          1. re: threedogs

            Now this is what I am talking about...


            1. re: threedogs

              This is Maxie's website - I may try it out today.


            2. re: threedogs

              Arthur's Deli

              I have been one time. It is small: a counter and a couple of tables, and most of the food is out back. At new year's I bought whitefish, whitefish salad, chopped herring, and great half-sours. I watched lots of other folks buying great looking sliced meats. When someone ordered a corned beef sandwich, which was large, the owner asked if they wanted the meat from the fatty end or the lean end: a good sign! Tongue was also listed on the menu board: another good sign!

              I was also looking for lox on that day. They no longer carry becuase it does not sell quickly enough. The owner reminisced about the days when there were several places in Chelsea that used to cure and smoke their own fish.

              So go, and tell us how it is.

        2. re: BobB
          Wallace & Gromit

          Their website says that the corned beef comes from Carnegie deli !!!!

          1. re: Wallace & Gromit

            Which means they get it from Costco, which sells prepackaged Carnegie Deli pastrami as of late....

        3. Washington deli in chelsea and michaels in brookline for corned beef, and barry's in waban for anything.