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Feb 16, 2006 10:02 AM

Tomasso Trattoria

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Anyone been here recently. Looking for feedback

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  1. I was there for lunch last week, and have been for dinner frequently. Good solid food- fairly simple with a heavy emphasis on the quality of the ingredients. When they first opened the service was a little slow, but they seem to have worked that out, and the staff has always been very friendly. The prices are a little higher than I feel like they should be, but it's great to have a restaurant of this quality in MetroWest.

    1. My husband and I went to Tomasso for the first time about a month ago. I don't want to go back, because I wasn't too impressed.

      Setting is nice, but the food needs some serious work.

      First complaint: After ordering, we got a bread basket with 3 slices of bread. There are two of us, why only three slices?? Two had golden raisins and one was an herb bread. They were cold and not warmed at all.

      For appetizers we tried the smelt and ceci (chickpea) fritti. The smelt was very light & crisp and not fishy at all. It had a parsley/oil/lemon juice vinaigrette that was a little light on the lemon juice.

      Second complaint: the kitchen was not careful in making the vinaigrette, because I ended up fishing out 2 lemon seeds. One of which I had accidently bitten in to. Ughh.

      We ordered a side of wild mushrooms. It came out warm to coolish and overly salted. Like it had been sitting out awhile and was (accidently) re-seasoned before being served to us.

      The fresh pasta dish was undercooked. When biting into the pasta, I could see dry pasta/flour mixture. Now I like al dente pasta, but this was really really undercooked.

      The only decent dish was the ribeye steak - cooked medium. no complaints there.

      was so disappointed that we didn't bother ordering coffee and dessert. My favorite part of any meal! I just wanted to GET OUT.

      Now admittedly, this was the only time we've gone there. Maybe it was an off night, but for the amount that we paid (over $90) I should have walked out HAPPY or at least satisfied.

      1. We went last night and were really disappointed, especially after hearing so many good things.

        First, it was Sunday night and even though they posted their lunch and dinner menu outside, we got a special Sunday dinner menu when we sat down, very limited first and second courses. If you've been there you know their menu is fairly limited anyway.

        And another pet peeve: they gave us a bread basket. Two pieces of nice crunchy baked bread and three of scalia bread, which looked and tasted like the manufactured stuff you get in the supermarket. And the the olive oil was just EVOO, no spice, flavor, nothing. It did not set the meal off well.

        For an appetizer we had the fried risotto balls, which had bits of ham inside, and were interesting but needed some kind of sauce, they were a bit dry. My wife had a romano, arugula and procuitto pizza, which was pretty good but not great. I had the spicy hollow spaghetti with "bacon" (their quotes not mine) and I got a luke warm, very spicy but really boring plate of red sauced spaghetti with what seemed to be cut up bits of ham. The ham looked like the stuff you could use in chili, pretty much inedible.

        I was really expecting more from this restaurant, especially since we dropped $50 (with 2 bottles of still water). I will go back one more time for dinner during the week.

        1. I've heard some great reports about the sandwiches, and take-out at the market next door, which they own as well, Panzano's...My friend told me she got an amazing foccaccia sandwich there, stuffed with home made meatballs, and pomodoro sauce, and mozzarella...She says it was $8, but she's a girl with a healthy appeetite, and said she'll be going back a lot, because it's near where she works.

          1. After shopping several times at their market (Panzano) and being very happy with the fresh pasta made and sold there, I went to Tomasso yesterday for lunch. The atmosphere was very pleasant. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The wine selection is heavy Italian, but very nice.

            Most importantly, the food was great. Our lamb panini was perfectly crisped, with a great tart goat cheese and sweet red onion. The (fresh!) tagliatelle with bolognese was a real treat. It's nice to actually taste the meat, instead of it just being an 'afterthought in a red sauce' like most places. The bucatini had just the right bite without making you reach for the water glass - well done! For dessert - a warm chestnut/chocolate cake with chestnut gelato, and a cappuccino with foam so thick my sugar never sank. NICE!

            If you truly enjoy food, I mean really like it - check this place out. The bread, whichever kind you're lucky to get, is fresh and fantastic. The "just EVOO" is light, fruity and a wonderful complement to the crusty outside/chewy inside tuscan loaf. And I'm sure they'd give you some fresh cracked pepper if you really need it.