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Feb 14, 2006 09:55 AM

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse report...

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We've been meaning to try this place out for a while and decided to kill 2 birds with one stone by making it our "Valentine's Dinner out" this past Saturday.

We assumed a lot of factors...corporate steakhouse, formulaic (sic?) menu, standard wine list etc. All in all the night was better than we expected (we were constantly comparing it to Morton's, Grille 23, Oak Room)...good or bad. The service was impeccable. Everything ran like clockwork. Our waiter was very friendly and informative. The servers were very attentive and everything showed up at the proper times. The wine list was on par with every other steakhouse in Boston. We ordered a pleasant St. Francis Cabernet with dinner...$45ish. We both had appetizers...1/2 Ceasar salad and a very savory spicey sizzling shrimp. I thought the shrimp sauce was fantastic (kept dunking the bread) but my wife thought it was on the salty side and the shrimps too small. I ordered a nice filet ($36) with a blue cheese crust. My wife ordered a petit filet with a red wine sauce. We both thought the cuts of meat were very good but mine was slightly undercooked but it wasn't a big deal...didn't send it back. Next time I'm butterflying it. The side dish of Lyonnaise potatoes was better than other places. Lastly, the dessert of fluffy chocolate mousse cheesecake was huge and very tasty and paired it with a glass of 20 year old Taylor Fladgate port and a glass of Moscato. We were only able to eat half of the cake. :>(

All this came to about $250 including a 25% tip.

I'd recommend Ruth's Chris but levelset your expectations when you walk thru the door.

The valet parking was $14...par for the course in Boston and it seems like Ultimate Valet has cornered the market for valet parking anywhere in Boston proper.

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  1. I'm glad you had a nice night out, but I have to say: $200 before tip seems like a big number for a steak dinner two with apps, a modest wine, dessert, and a couple of glasses of dessert wine. Youch! Not that this is out of line with other luxury steakhouses in town, but still. Glad to see a generous tipper, though!

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    1. re: MC Slim JB, it is what it is...a name brand franchise steakhouse on the weekend before Valentine's Day. Not any different than comparable faire at any other Boston steakhouse. Not really a surprise. The waiter deserved the generous tip.

    2. We tried the new Ruths Chris on Saturday at the request of some friends. While we love a good steak dinner, we were hestiant to try Chris'. We have been to other locations and find it to be generally OK. We were more than pleasantly surprised with our experience and will definitely be back.

      The space is every bit as wonderful as the old Maison Robert. I love just walking up to the building. The bar is designed well; spacious, cozy and not too loud. It is tough to argue with a well poured cocktail in a 16oz rocks glass. When we were seated, we had a nice table by the window. We had a 6 top for 5 people, so we were very comfortable. Like the bar, the dining room was pleasant and lively withour being too loud. This is a nice change from many steak houses in the area.

      The wine list is a bit overpriced as would be expected, however, at least there are excellent selections on which we spolied ourselves. I went with the shrimp cocktail for an appetizer. The shrimp were large and perfectly cooked with plenty of horseradish in the cocktail sauce. The wedge may have had a bit too much runny blue cheese dressing on it. The butter with the bread was nice and salty.

      For the main course I went for the T-Bone, and several of my dining companions had the Cowboy (bone in) rib eye. The taste is always outstanding at Chris' (cooked in butter after all), however the running joke we have at other locations is taking over/under bets on how many steaks have to be sent back for improper cooking. I am happy to say that all 5 steaks were cooked perfectly (everyone ordered medium rare or medium). The beef was just mouthwatering. The standard steakhouse sides were good as well.

      All in all, we were extremely satisfied and will be back soon (to our surprise). Next time we will get there earlier to enjoy the bar and building for a bit longer.

      1. Is it hard to get into for lunch? I live in Maine but I'm down there quite a bit and walked by it for the first time Sunday. Wow, looks alone from the outside could sell me. I love a good steak but it's like every place mentioned on here gets bashed. I guess there will always be a negative comment about every restaurant at some point.