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Feb 10, 2006 10:10 AM

Upper Crust, Lexington

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I had some pizza from The Upper Crust in Lexington last night. This was my first pizza from any of the Upper Crust locations; it was very good, though not on par with Santarpio's or Regina's, in my opinion.

The pizza there is thin crust, with the bottom of the crust being very dry and crispy, the sauce is a bit on the chunky side, and the cheese is very tasty with just the right amont of seasoning.

I'd probably put it at the top of the list for pizza places in the immediate area, including Arlington. But Santarp's still rules for me--I'll be making about my one-millionth trip there in a few days.

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  1. h
    heathermb (FKA Heather)

    My last experience at Upper Crust on Charles street was a disappointment. Usually I love the pizza but it was overcooked and way too salty.

    1. Upper Crust has been a wonderful addition to Lexington center. While I love love love Greek-style pizza (Lexington House, for example), when I just want to grab a slice, a place like Upper Crust is a better choice. There aren't a lot of places in Lexington for a quick bite like that.

      I also like the space that they're in. It's small, and they could have arranged themselves a little differently (it feels like there's a lot of wasted space in the back, by the pick up area). But overall, it's clean and well decorated.

      The last time I was in, I was disappointed by their slice of the day. For superbowl sunday, I was expecting something a little more exciting than a margharita. But I've enjoyed all their other daily special slices.

      Has anyone had their spinach squares? They have a sign at the counter that says 5 for $2 or something like that. Any good?

      1. I posted a while back about Upper Crust as I was in the area and brought two pizzas home for dinner. I was shocked at the price and also the quality (I ordered a spinach combination and the clam pizza). The spinach was inedible and the clam was sub par. I will usually eat most anything but the pizza itself was tough. Smelled delicious on the way home but what a disappointment. For the favorable posts, I am happy to hear you had positive experiences, perhaps I should try again but eat in.

        1. There was a sign at the Brookline location today that they would soon be "adjusting (their) prices." I thought they were already on the high side (though I like U.C. very much, and frequently get slices--I think the slices are better; when I order a whole pie I have to reheat it in a hot oven to get the crust crispy), so we'll see.

          1. Not a thorough review, but two pizzas we've had from there were surprisingly good (one a standard pepperoni, one a standard mix of olives, mushrooms & something else).
            Good crust, nice sauce, well made & well above average.