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Jan 23, 2006 08:50 PM

Casa Romero - thumbs down

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Wow I used to adore this place but after last time, I say NO MAS. 1stly and foremostly, the service was ATROCIOUS. Amatuer at best: Hello - cocktail and drink refills? Water glasses empty? Food was just plunked on the table and the server just disappaears. The food was only a grade better than Border Cafe, which I consider a TexMex indulgence after a night of partying or a late show. The 'famous' dish Casa Romero serves -Pork Adobada - was hugely disappointing, just a slab on a plate with some sauce dumped on it. It was only fair at best. The entire meal was spent trying to catch the waiter...more chips please, more salsa please, any jalepenos? More sangria. Most requests were just roundly ignored or it took 10 minutes to fill simple requests. Is this on the downhill slide? It was prime time too and EMPTY. Need a good Mexican place - Sol Azteca and La Paloma come to mind but no 'downtown' place now and definitely NOT Casa Romero. Food C+, Service F.

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  1. Good Mexican food can't be found in Boston or in the Northeast in general (except for NYC maybe).

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      None in NYC either.

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        I disagree. Maybe it's harder to find "high end" sit down Mexican food in the Northeast, but there are some taquerias in the Boston area that seem pretty good. And no, I am not talking about Anna's or Boca Grande.

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          I'm sorry that you haven't made it to Angela's yet.

        2. OMG-I just went to Casa Romero for a pre Valentines dinner and it was the same way as the orginial poster described! It could have been my post. Waiter never around, they never brought is the appetizer we ordered and I ordered the LEGENDARY SIGNATURE Pork dish too, and it was a thin piece of mystery meat covered in a sauce. I thought they brought me the wrong thing! They took it off the bill. It was dry and grey...and that is their signature dish. Yuk. It was one of the worst meals ever!

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            I agree that the food isn't perfect at Casa Romero but I do still enjoy it for what it is. For sit down mexican in Boston I prefer Tu Y Yo or Ole. I love the space at Casa Romero and find it to be one of the more romantic restaurants in boston. their margheritas are great and their desserts are fabulous. That cheesecakes they sometimes have on their menu makes the entire meal worth it.

          2. So sad - I used to love this place but haven't gone back since I stopped working in Back Bay 15 years ago. Now I never will...

            1. I disagree with Raj.

              For example. Melrose is home to Mexico Lindo, a very tasty Mexican restaurant run by a Mexican family from California.

              Taqueria La Mexicana is another home style favorite on this board. Roberto Rendon is presently expanding his taqueria. It is expected to open with a liquor license in the next two months.

              Others prefer Tu Y Yo and Ole.

              There are options for good Mexican food.

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                If you're willing to trek out to the suburbs, try Ixtapa that opened in Woburn center. Completely authentic, family run Mexican food. The chips are thin and freshly made, the salsa is fresh and served in a half carafe with individual dishes for double dipping. The sopa de albondigas is to die for (though it did take a fairly long time to come out, it seemed quite fresh, not just spooned out of a big old pot). I've been there a couple of times now and am definitely making this my neighborhood "place".

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