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Feb 7, 2006 05:24 PM

Seattle's Best Sandwiches

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Me and my friends are attempting to consume the best sandwiches in seattle. Here is our list (in no specific order) of some of our favorite offerings:
-Drunken Chicken: Baguette Box
-Midnight Cuban: Paseos
-Anything Salumi
-Firecracker: Tubbs Subs
-Cheese Steak: Philadelphia Fever
-Rajun Cajun: Another Coast Cafe
-BBQ Pork (Bah-mihn): Seattle Deli
-Turkey Bacon Avacado: Hop-In Deli (Montlake)

Please help us with some new places to check out for quality sandwiches.

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  1. Try the pastrami at eats, along with bubbies chicken with matzoh ball soup.


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    1. re: windsor

      Terry and Angel at the Brooklyn Grinder north of 52nd on University Way NE make some of the very best sandwiches in Seattle. Their Black Forest is amazing, as are their tried and true favs: Reuben, Muffuletta, and BLT. Their chicken salad with granny smith apples and cashews is memorable, as is their grilled eggplant with basil.


      1. re: lulu

        In pursuit of the greatest Seattle sandwich I have tried Salumi, Paseo, and others. I had never ventured into the Brooklyn Grinder, so my son and I gave it a shot today.

        Prepared with the advise above, we were prepared to follow in stride. However, because of my instinct to to ask questions, I asked the girl behind the counter what the best sandwich was. Instead of a non-answer like "It's all good", she said "My favorite is the Cajun Turkey". So I had to take one for the team.

        It was pretty good! I expected it to be a bit more spicy, and would have enjoyed the heat. But, it was a very nice sandwich. They have it on their cold sandwich list, but the inside scoop was get it hot. Great advise! I felt the toasted roll added to the experience.

        Thanks Lulu! We'll be back to try your recommendations as well. I hope they put a touch of curry in their chicken salad!

        1. re: lulu

          Based on this rec, we went to this place last week. It is no longer the brooklyn grinder, although the weblink still functions. I believe its called Big Dog Bakery now. They've kept the same menu, but none of us were particularly impressed, and I wouldn't go out of my way to return. We got the hot pastrami reuben, the chicken salad sandwich, and some bean/sausage soup. There seemed to be an overabundance of bread, particularly the roll on the chicken sandwich was enormous.

          Now, Paseo makes the sandwiches I would go to great lengths to reach! I haven't made it to Salumi yet.

          1. re: sasha1

            At Salumi, have the prosciutto & fig confit with goat-cheese sandwich that usually appears on the menu in Spring.
            On a hot-sandwich day, have the immensely comfy meatball - a candidate for best ever.
            Messy messy and Texas sweet, Pecos Pit 2260 1st Ave S, by Sears and Home Depot on Lander serves up a classic slow-roasted BBQ Pork Sandwhich. Have beans spicy.
            Zacaggni's lunch counter, right across from the Pike Market magazine stand at the edge of Delaurenti's, features a rotation of lovely and exotic sliders and sandwiches. Identify nearby seating and hope for brisket sliders, though it's all really good. Your lunch comes across the counter sizzling off the grill.
            Uli's Bierstaub on the main arcade at the Pike Place Market will grill any fresh sausage in the display case and serve it right up for you right then in a perfectly lovely sausage sandwich. This is a chance to enjoy several splendid mustards if you can remember to not just scarf it down. Look for grilled peppers and onions. Fries are hot and made to-order and the freshest you can get.
            Right across the aisle and a few feet down, the Market Grill offers fresh-grilled salmon and halibut sandwiches, just yards away from the fresh fish markets.
            Two Bells Tavern Burger is a heck of a hamburger sandwich, as rare as you like and suitably drippy. The robust roll handles that soppingly, though.
            The grilled Reuben at the Pacific Inn Pub is a comfort-food winner - get a half-Caesar with it and eat like a king.

            The Reuben at Dot's, on Fremont, is a chef's showpiece - meaty, savory, flavorful, beautifully cooked and presented. The coq' au'vin is masterful, and the list is long.
            Burgers again, but really, a few doors up the street is Uneeda Burger. Two things 1>The very nice "regular" hamburger is just a classic plain burger with (fresh) lettuce, tomato, pickle... but it is a really nice burger (if Dick's is a 1 and Red Mill is a 5, Uneeda is a 10, and for an amazingly modest price. 2>You will be hard-pressed to order the regular burger when the menu-board above is whispering 'grilled onions' ... 'blue cheese' ... 'Hatch chile'... good luck.

      2. What about the Old Town Alehouse in Ballard? I just went last night for about the 6th time, and I've loved every sandwich I ordered (last night was the traditional turkey, with not-so-traditional sage-whipped cream cheese). Their sandwiches are all very hearty and fresh tasting and always have some extra special touch, like the sage in the cream cheese. Fries are very thin and crisp and wonderfully seasoned (though maybe too salty for some). I'm not going to recommend any particular sandwich---try a couple and post what you think!

        1. Hole-in-the-wall Roy's BBQ in Columbia City makes a mean smoked oyster po' boy as well as some other great sandwiches too.
          Also anything, especially the B.R.A.T. sandwich (Bacon, Rugula, Avocado and tomato) from Essential Bakery on Madison Ave.

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          1. re: Josh

            I second Roy's. Their Georgia Gold pulled pork sandwich is absolutely a must eat. They've won a bunch of awards for it.

            I'd also like to add the Three Girls Bakery in Pike Place Market. They've been around forever and have the best meatloaf sandwich I've ever tasted. Lots of other good options as well. It's more of a build-your-own-sandwich type of place.

          2. The Reuben at the 74th St. Ale House is outstanding. Not the classic, but better and an imaginative interpretation. Great craft beers to accompany.

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            1. re: Baboo

              That Reuben is one of the best in the city, for sure! If you ever see their lamb and brie sandwich special, try it! Outstanding!

            2. You've got the right restaurant, but the wrong sandwich.

              The best sandwich on the planet is Paseo's grilled pork sandwich. Every single bite is a nibble of heaven. The midnight cuban can't hold a candle to it.

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              1. re: Peter

                Chicken thigh is pretty killer.

                1. re: Peter

                  Personally, I think Paseo's best sandwich is their spicy prawn greasy, so good...I have dreams about that sandwich...

                  1. re: Peter

                    Old thread bump.

                    Just had the Caribbean Roast: Pork shoulder coated in Paseo Marinade & slow roasted 'til falling into succulent morsels." Get it every time we're visiting. Crazy good.

                    Here's a pic of my half :)

                    ETA: forgot this part - All sandwiches are on a lightly toasted baguette slathered with aioli (seasoned mayo) , fresh cilantro, pickled jalapeños, crisp romaine lettuce & crowned with caramelized onions.

                    1. re: c oliver

                      BEST SANDWICH EVER.

                      Need to figure out when I can get over there and get one....

                      1. re: Bax

                        I'd really like to do a taste test with a Carribean Roast, a Tatstrami, and a Salumi Porchetta sandwich. Or maybe I just want to sit down and eat all three... (with a few friends. If you eat all three at once yourself, you win a lovely stay at the Swedish heart center, I'm pretty sure.)