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Jan 19, 2006 07:11 PM

anything decent in Lexington???

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We are moving to Lexington and I am wondering if there are any good places to eat there. We are quite accustomed to interesting city food...

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  1. A great Indian place right on Mass.Ave called Khushboo. Excellent dosas.

    1. I've been away for a long time so can't get too specific on what's there now, but 2 recommendations -

      1) L'alouette on Bedford St. (Rt 4/225) is an outstanding chacouterie and sells the best rotisserie chicken in Eastern MA - great for take-out.

      2) A short drive into Waltham and Moody St. will take you to many, many dining spots - some excellent and some mediocre. They have been reviewed ad nauseum here, but in any case, it's a great place to see a whole bunch of options - Mexican, Tuscan, BBQ, Indian, Thai, et al... Stay away from Margarita's, Iguana Cantina...

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        Apart from the charcuterie, cheeses and chicken, L'Alouette also have excellent baguettes and lots of prepared dishes.

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          L'Alouette has been replaced by La Riviera, which is even better. They have an excellent selection of prepared foods, pastries, salads, etc. They also have lunch specials to go. The menu changes frequently.

        2. A couple of weeks ago we had dinner with Lexington friends at Lexx, right in the center of town. While it certainly isn't a knock-your-socks off type of place, we were pleasantly surprised at both food and service. I had salmon filet, served over lentils, with mashed potatoes - the salmon was perfectly cooked, and while I might have preferred the potatoes to be a little less pureed, their flavor was good. The two men in the group both ordered the pork osso bucco and seemed to enjoy it - the portion was large -- enough for leftovers. It may have been because we were with people who frequent the place regularly, but service was excellent, and there was no problem making substitutions for the sides. Although we probably wouldn't go out of our way to go there, I have a commitment in Lexington Saturday afternoon, and Lexx is a convenient place for us to meet up with friends from the north shore, so we're planning to go again.

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            AVOID LEXX!!!! Service was practically non-existant. No water refills, no ketchup for our appetizer fries, no offer of another beer, attitude from the waiter when we spoke up, 20 minute wait for the check. This was on a weeknight with a party of 4. Food was OK, but that kind of service is ridiculous. I will never return and I've told my experience to anyone who will listen.

          2. Lexington doesn't have the greatest restaurant scene, so I'd recommend (as a previous poster did), going down to Moody Street in Waltham, which is only a few minutes away. Or head southeast toward Arlington, just over the border, where you'll also find a lot of good restaurants (Viets Cafe, Thai Moon, Sweet Chilis, Olivio, Prose, Punjab, Olive Branch, Zocalo Cucina Mexicana, Flora, Sala Thai, and Scutra are all good choices).

            1. Welcome to Lexington!

              As mentioned below, Kushboo has great Indian. Another great Indian place (mostly takeout, but I believe they have seats) is Bollywood Cafe on Mass Ave towards Arlington.

              I would avoid the Chinese places in the center at all costs; try takeout from Changhai at Lowell and Woburn Streets instead, they're the best Chinese I've ever had, and the owner Cathy is so sweet.

              I've found that Lexington House of Pizza (across the street from Changhai) is the best of the Greek-style pizza in town. There is also an Upper Crust in the center.

              I haven't been to Via Lago in the center recently (used to go all the time in high school, before they added their seating area), but their quality is always good, although they are expensive. They offer premade items to take home, including fresh pasta, and also a small sit-down menu.

              And Royal Pastry at Waltham St and Marrett Rd is almost as good as the North End, without the travel time.

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                i think i am going to take exception with your dis of yang tze river. i have been there quite a few times and they do a crispy beef thing (yang tze river beef?) that is absolutely addictive. and i love their pork with cabbage and dried bean curd.

                the place is showing it's age but it still has a good draw with the local asian community.