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Feb 5, 2006 03:17 AM

SF Hound heading North

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We are experienced Seattle folk having travelled there once a year for 100. We have enjoyed Campagne,Cafe Campagne, Tango, Coastal Kitchen,Dahlia Lounge, Matt's and Salumi over the years. We need some "new ideas". Is Marjorie still open? Reviews? There was a wine bar (can't remember the name but vines seemd to factor in) a few years back.HELP.. great Pacifc NW food and good atmosphere is essential.

What's a great place to eat? We not only like great atmosphere but have a special affection for hole in the wall places. We have to head over to Redmond later in the trip so dining in Seattle will be important.

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  1. Harvest Vine? - (link below)
    Fork (new & highly praised) - Capitol Hill
    Union - Downtown

    I'm sure other suggestions will follow after today (everyone's probably watching the Superbowl!)


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      Oh, if you like "hole in the wall" places - Asteroid Cafe is a tiny but great Italian place (with an attitude) in Wallingford. Link below.

      Link: http://archives.seattletimes.nwsource...

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        Asteroid has moved to Fremont and is no longer a hole in the wall. Our first experience there was stellar. Every bite a delight.
        Other places to think about: Tilth, in Wallingford near 45th and Stone Way; Lark, near Seattle U; Pair, near University Village;

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        Yes! Harvest VIne is it and IT does look great. Thanks for the info on Asteroid.We just might have to check it out. My sister lives in Redmond and has some place in a mall in Woodinville she likes for Italian. I'll report back (BTW~one of our favorite Napa restaurants is in a mall as well).

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          My love and I went to Asteroid the other night and had a wonderful experience. Attention to details of flavor was evident in every dish, the gratis bruschetta, the simple green salad with persimmon, the plate of morels, the baked penne, the beautiful pink lamb chops. The service was attentive and friendly, but did not intrude. There were no tables available when we arrived (without reservations), but the host offered to seat us at the bar while we waited and we decided to eat there. The jazz players were right behind us and were delightful.
          The bartender (our waiter) was well able to walk us through the specials and answer menu and wine questions. We nearly made the mistake of passing up the dessert menu, but, believe me, this will never happen again. Asteroid will get another visit soon.
          The tab, btw, was $100 ($120 w/tip) for the two of us, each with one glass of wine.

      3. I suggest Lark, Portage, Cremant or Boat Street Cafe. Fork is no longer open. For real eccentric dining: Elemental (hard to find).

        1. Matt's in the Market.

          This time of year it's likely to be more enjoyable, you'll enjoy watching the 'kitchen'.

          1. If you are willing to drive a little east of Seattle to Woodinville, try a little place called The Herb Farm. It is a pre fixe dinner and dining is the evening event. Everything is seasonal and theme-based, and most of the herbs come from the expansive herb gardens of the restaurant. Chef Jerry Traunfeld does a very nice job. The service is gracious, the courses are beautiful, and the experience memorable. The wine selection is appropriate for the cuisine and the region.

            Should you wish to imbibe and not drive, there is a cozy inn affiliated with the restaurant, and a very short stroll across the car park. Reservations are normally needed well in advance of the preferred day.