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Jan 17, 2006 12:58 PM

Restaurant supply-style food warehouse open to public?

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I am from the West Coast, and we have AG Cash & Carrys, which are open to anyone (as well as the obvious Costco & Sam's Club). Are the any restaurant food suppliers that are open to non-businesses (again, not Costco etc)? Restaurant Depot/JETRO is not...and I'm unsure of others in the area.


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  1. down the street from Restaurant Depot in Chelsea is a store called SweetLife....they are a restaurant supply co that anyone can go into without a membership...they do a lot with canteen trucks and small on the same street as the Depot if you are heading towards the bridge....good may be able to google it to get directions

    1. Eastern Baker's Supply on Washington Street in the North End is a good one to try. Only open weekdays.

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        Whoops you're looking for food. Eastern Baker's Supply doesn't have food, just kitchen equipment.

      2. PPW, Paper, Provisions Warehouse in Worcester, other locations too? They have [paper goods, cans, frozen, etc.
        There is also a place across from Doyles in JP, mabe the same thing?

        1. There is a baker's supply warehouse on Elm Street in Waltham called Savage & Co. You can buy all kinds of flour, spices, chocolate, and baking supplies - of course in very large quantities. We used to buy the 100 lb. sacks of flour and divide it between friends. And I have a lifetime supply of parchment paper sheets.

          I think it's only open on weekdays, and they're closed from 12 to 1 for lunch. Kind of a pain if you work 9 to 5, but definitely worth it if you can get there. You'd better call to check on the hours, because it's been a while since I've gone there. Their phone is 781-893-6600.

          1. The place in JP near Doyle's is BMS Paper and it is open to the public. They have great stuff.