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Rang's Indian Bistro, Stoneham

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Tried Rang's in Stoneham last night. I ordered chicken tikka masala and paratha as take-out, both of which were very enjoyable. I liked it better than our only other nearby Indian option, which is Ambassador in Woburn. I will definitely go back.

As a side note, there was a "Passage to India" takeout car parked out front when I picked up my order.

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  1. I'm looking forward to trying it, thanks for the review.

    Joti Palace in Malden is also a local option. I recently had some fantastic delivery from them.

    1. I have previously positively reviewed this place on this board. I actually went there again this evening and had another excellent meal there. I am very glad to have such a place in Stoneham, so very convenient for me.

      1. Could you post the address, please? Can't seem to find it online. Thanks.

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          It's located right in the center of Stoneham Square: 6 Central Square (Dow Building) next to a healthfood store. It's easy to miss because the sign is not easily spotted as you drive by.

          Phone # is 781-438-8200; website is www.rangindianbistro.com

        2. A very cozy, romantic, and laid back ambiance. The staff is just AWESOME!!!! They are very attentive and give the phrase "customer satisfaction" the ultimate meaning. I love their food, they customize it according to taste or whatever you may be in the mood for on. I personally love it, is my all time favorite spot for great Indian food. I've been there so much that I found that you can ask for $ 5 gift certificate to give to a friend.
          I can't stress it enough, they are reasonably priced, you get a lot of food and service is great!"

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              Do you have any information regarding their lunch buffet? How much does it cost? Did they have many options on the buffet?

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                I think it's 7.95- it's been a while since I've been. I remember not seeing the price posted anywhere, only knew how much it was when I got the check. Nothing particularly special on the buffet, that I recall, your standard stuff.

            2. I have been there a few times, and like it as well. The staff is very nice. I do remember reading somewhere that they are owned by the same people who own Passage to India. Glad they are doing well in this location.

              1. This is funny, we were just talking on another thread about Essex Preferred Card for finding "out of the way" places and Rang's is a new listing. It states in the guidebook that it is a sister restaurant to Passage to India in Salem (which we love and is on the card)
                We also tried Ambassador on the card for dinner, but it was really quiet that night - I think most of their business is at lunch being in the Cummings office Park area.

                1. I tried Rang Indian Bistro in Stoneham Square yesterday for lunch. I got the chicken tikka masala luncheon special with basmati rice($6.95) for take-out. Rang will cook your food to whatever spice level you want from mild to extra hot. I asked that my food's spice level be mild. The chicken tikka masala was very good and a little spicy. I started to sweat after eating it. The chicken was tender and the sauce was very tasty. I did not see a buffet station while I was waiting for my food. Maybe Rang stopped their lunch buffet or maybe it's only offered on weekends?

                  1. We have been there many times now and always enjoy it. They have always been very nice to us (even when we have brought in our twin infants at 5:00 p.m.). Only complaint is that sometimes they forget things when you carry out and the food is a bit too salty.