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Jan 14, 2006 10:15 AM

The Audobon

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I love the Audobon..great sandwiches and appetizers!!
I do have one complaint,,There is an area as you come in the door to sit and have a drink or eats that is designed terribly..very dangerous in fact.I have seen people walk into this long spike like end of the table
and get hurt,,any one else notice this in there??Staff
and manager is great..I just don't understand the dangerous design..Some one may seriously get hurt one day!!!

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  1. I share your love of the food at Audobon Circle, and think it's a great value. A superb burger, good pressed sandwiches, great grilled shrimp, a good steak, excellent quesadillas, on and on and on.

    The bartending is also top-notch (fabulous Margaritas here, and good Martinis and the like, too), and I like the sleek, uncluttered look of the bar (all bottles below the bartop, out of view). They also converted their rear parking lot into a fine little patio last year, a swell addition in warm weather.

    I haven't been in a while, but I quite liked brunch there, too.

    But that sharp-pointed slate-top table has always struck me as a lawsuit waiting to happen. I've nearly gored myself on it a couple of times.

    1. i just visited audobon circle for the first time a couple of weeks ago. i have to say i was VERY impressed. excellent food at a good price, and i dug the atmosphere... casual and fun, and not overly trendy. highly recommend it!

      1. I finally made it to Audobon Circle this past Sunday for brunch and was very impressed. We went around 12:30 and sat right down on the back patio, great atmosphere with the slate top tables surrounded by bamboo. It was not very crowded when we went, which the staff must have been expecting because they had only one cook.

        They had a small brunch menu and you could order off the regular menu, which I was very pleased about. I ordered the Cheeseburger with bacon and portabellas. When it FINALLY arrived it was worth the wait. The presentation was superb: A large burger on a fresh looking roll, top off exposing a heaping pile of bacon, three thick slices of tomato, a piece of fresh romaine, a large pile of potatoes, and a nice looking pickle spear. Accompanying my meal I had what appeared to be freshly made ketchup and chili mayonnaise (which was delicious and the highlight of my meal). I was very pleased with the Portobella on the burger, it was actually a full cap cooked to perfection and there was enough bacon so you could actually taste it with every bite. My burger was overcooked, i asked for it medium and it came out well done, there also wasn’t close to enough cheese to cover the meat. Masking the char with the chili mayo made for an excellent sandwich that I would order again, though not the best burger in Boston imho. The potatoes we basically home fries cooked well done, they were decent.

        My fiancé had the fettuccini with Bolognese, she and I were both very happy with it. The sauce had large chunks of meat (pork and beef i believe) and tasted very fresh. As someone who doesn't generally order too much pasta when I go out, i would definitely go back for their Bolognese.

        Next time around I will try the grilled shrimp app and artisan cheese plate app, people around us ordered them and both looked great. The service was a little slow but generally friendly, all in all i was very pleased with my experience and would definitely go back.