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Jan 7, 2006 03:39 PM

Affordable Sushi

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Can anyone suggest a good sushi place in Boston or Metrowest area that won't break the bank?

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  1. PORTER SQUARE nuff said, but there's maybe only one sushi place. it';s in the porter exchange building. i like the eel avocado rolls, very much. not at the oishii price point. enjoy


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    1. re: amykat

      There's 2 sushi places there, a bar and a full restaurant, and neither has consistently fresh-tasting sushi. They're both OK... think in the $1/piece range for nigiri.

      1. re: rxrfrx

        The restaurant is called Bluefin, and it's my regular spot for cheap sushi. I go with my SO and her son and we get the choose-your-own special, something like 32 pieces for $30, and you can pick anything on the menu. Good deal!

        1. re: BobB

          had the sashimi bento box for lunch yesterday and wasn't too impressed. Mackerel was too fishy. Slices of tuna/salmon were pretty thin. Douzo does a much better job for a few bucks more...

      2. re: amykat

        that's crap. both always have fresh sushi. and both are a great bargain. it can get busy though (thus there is a lot of turnover of food - i.e. fresh fish).

        1. re: Fatboy

          well, i think that's crap. i've eaten at kotobukiya three times in the past two weeks, for health reasons mostly. the fish in the window is visibly depressing and very low quality. the chefs manage to make it decent. the fish & avocado rolls are good deals.

          i agree with rxrfrx except that bluefin isn't $1 a piece i don't think, and is a bad value.

      3. I don't have suggestions, but this fairly recent thread may help: (linked below).


        1. I would suggest sushi 21 near watertown square. it's off mt. auburn street near a cigar shop and a liquor store. they have a happy hour special everyday from 5-630. you can choose from 20 sushi for $20, 40 sushi + 3 rolls for $40 or 60 sushi + 4 rolls for $60. absolutely worth it. i usually get the 20 for $20 and then add on the rolls that i want.

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            mark d snyder

            My favorite 2 cheap sushi places are:

            Shino - it's on newbury street near the corner of newbury and dartmouth. This little whole in the wall sushi place is cute and probably the cheapest in the entire boston area!!

            Seiyo is new and very affordable. They have a big nice sushi menu and a very hip ambience. In the south end on Washington Street near mass ave.

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            1. re: mark d snyder

              Shino Express is inexpensive, $1 for uni (!!), and the quality is good. That's why it's always packed, have to get beer elsewhere though. Bluefin is good and they also have beer.

            2. I would like to revisit this post. I was searching the chowhound posts for some new affordable places for sushi and stumbled upon the happy hour at Sushi 21. DON'T GO!!! Not only have they not updated their website to show that the happy hour special has changed (they offer 15% off your meal...big deal), but the sushi there has to be some of the worse I've ever had. I would say that it's on the same quality as grocery store sushi, and the creativity and selection is worse! Help!!! We live near porter square and go to the PSE all the time and are just looking for some affordable options.

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              1. re: sml779

                That's very sad. Sushi 21 is one of our neighborhood favorites but we haven't been in a couple of months. It was always well prepared and good value (not "creative" but that's OK). I noticed that the fish to sushi rice ratio was declining recently but quality was always good. Any other dissenters?

                1. re: gourmaniac

                  That's exactly what I'm saying...the roll was 90% rice with horid selection of fish on top. I had the chirashi which was just awful..chewy fish and no veggie at $17.95 that is just lame!!