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Dec 29, 2005 07:52 AM

Sherman Cafe - Somerville - Darn fine scones

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I am eating a fantastic scone from Sherman Cafe, just past the Union Sq. intersection on Washington St. (around the corner from Macchu Picchu, et al.), chosen from a large variety that all looked delicious and homemade...I picked lemon and...

This lemon scone rocks!!! It's warm which leads me to believe that "all baking is done on premises." Regardless, it is obviously fresh, nice crust on the outside, but light and flaky on the inside, dense but moist, closer to cake than bread, studded with bits of lemon peel, buttery, a light lemon glaze on the top, tart in part. Ahh...good and it was only $1.75 (incl. tax).

After devouring this delicious treat, I hereby solemnly vow that I will do my best never to eat that hockey-puck-dense Starbucks scone again.

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  1. Mike's pastry makes a good blueberry scone and at 75 cents its a steal.

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      I wonder if Sherman supplies the awesome lemon scones at Darwin' of my favorites