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Nov 14, 2005 02:07 PM

I love East Asia.

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Wow. Can I just say --I've been a fan of this place for chinese takeout for years and it never disappoints.
I was craving my favorite stand-by for lunch, Kung-Pao much that I did the drive from south of the city to the Powderhouse Sq. Somerville location. Resisted the urge to open the bag and devour the feast right in my car, it smelled so good. And it was -- Tender strips of quality white meat chicken in a sweet/spicy sauce, mixed w/mushrooms, water chestnuts, red and green peppers, onions and peanuts. Fresh, piping hot, absolutely delicious.
I had two plentiful servings for lunch and I've got at LEAST 2 meals more meals left. Just over $9 with an order of rice.
Of course now I'm totally stuffed. But that's alright :)

Anyway, if you're anywhere North or West of the city (or even in the city) this place is definitely worth the trip for incredible takeout. You can eat there but there's not much atmosphere, just a few small tables.
Wish I lived closer, I'd be there at least once a week (and I'd probably sample a few more dishes and not always fall back on my favorite dish...)

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  1. Based on your post, my boyfriend and I decided to try out East Asia tonight, esp since we live right down the is right! To start, we ordered the Chinese (veggie) dumplings which reminded me a lot of my mom's Korean tofu good! He had the Szechuan Trio (with chicken, beef, and pork, veggies, spicy sauce). I don't eat meat, but he assures me it was delicious. We also had the yu shiang homemade tofu with mixed veggies and the chili eggplant. We're not big eggplant eaters, but that dish was really good. Silky eggplant, nice spice to the sauce, fresh veggies throughout. As for the tofu, even my boyfriend goobled it down and he is NOT a tofu eater. It's been a while since I've had homemade tofu in a restaurant, much less one that's in a college area. Everything was very fresh and the owner was super-nice! Our only regret is that we didn't try it out sooner. We will be back to try King's tofu and some of the other Thai dishes. Great Asian take-out, washed down with Sapporo beer bought from our favorite beer store in Ball Square, and Monday Night don't get much better than that! Thanks again for your review!

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      Hey, that's great, I'm glad I helped you guys discover this place. I really envy you; I live in the South End of Boston so this place isn't exactly convenient for takeout.
      Try that Kung Pao chicken one of these days, it's excellent! I haven't sampled the Thai side of the menu but I'm guessing it's also good --it's so clear that they use fresh, quality ingredients. Good stuff.

      1. re: twentyoystahs

        I have often contemplated drinking the dipping sauce for their Thai sticks (basically veggie tempura). YUM. Their thai curries can be hit or miss (sometimes watery), but overall their fresh ingredients really do it for me.

        1. re: gini

          I've had those Thai sticks, and they ARE really good! I forgot till you mentioned it.

          1. re: twentyoystahs

            Man, I really gotta try this place. Can they make things real spicy? Pet pet style? Without giving me a blank stare? :)

            1. re: Prav

              Well, based on our one visit, I think they would have no problem with that, although I think the owners are Chinese, not Thai. They struck me as being very accomodating. The dishes we got were designated as spicy and they were definitely spicier than the usual "spicy and hot" that you get in restaurants, but we could've used a little bit more spice. Inicidentally, we finished off our leftovers last night for dinner and they were still delicious!

              1. re: a l i c e

                The lady owner is from Dalian in NE China.

              2. re: Prav

                I've never succeeded in getting beyond very moderate, though I haven't eaten there often of late. As Limster notes, the owner is from NE China (hey thanks for that info). I find the food here to be pretty toned-down in spiciness (note, I do like fiery), but very well prepared and tasty. And cheap. A great neighborhood spot.

        2. re: a l i c e

          What hooked me on East Asia, some years ago, is that the pork fried rice with the lunch special, late on a Saturday afternoon with nobody else in the place, was excellent--light, fresh, delicate. That attention to detail applies pretty much across the board, in my experience. Gotta say their homemade tofu never did it for me--tasted a bit stale the few times I tried it--but perhaps it has improved.

        3. [16 months later].......So is the kung pao chicken still good at this place? How do the dumplings compare to those at Wang's or Qingdao Garden?

          1. I love this place. I think the food is the best quality of any Asian place around, always fresh and made to order. I love the owners also- they are always so pleasant and helpful. I really love the asian slaw and fried wontons with dip you get when eating in...

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            1. re: MeffaBabe

              And yes, the Kung Pao chicken is still good at this place. I think it's the best in Boston. Keep in mind though, it's not really traditional kung pao --tiny chopped pieces of dark meat chicken with peanuts and's chunks of white meat with lots o' veggies and peanuts & a delicious sweet/spicy sauce. I love it. Haven't been for a fix in a while, so it's time.

              I can't comment on the dumplings, I am not much of an aficiando and I've never had them there. I will say that once we got veggie lo mein and we were sort of disappointed. Lo mein was sorta dry and not a whole lot of veggies. The Kung Pao was as good as ever though. I don't go there often enough so when I do get there, I tend to stick with what I know is good. And yes, the owners are always very friendly when I go there for takeout.

              1. re: twentyoystahs

                I love this place too. Shrimp Humapun is delicious -- order it almost every time. I wasn't too thrilled with the tofu either when I ordered it for delivery - too fried/rubbery. I think I may speak with the owners about recommending something on the softer side. In house dining service is excellent! Very attentive, clean. And I agree that the slaw and fried wontons are definitely a nice touch.