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Jan 19, 2006 04:29 PM

SEA: malasadas?

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Just got back from honolulu, where I was turned on to malasadas. Especially haupia-filled. Any idea where I can find them in seattle, especially North Seattle?

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  1. That's going to be a tough find, especially in North Seattle. There are a couple of Hawai'ian joints, like Hoki in Ballard, but I don't think they have malasadas. There's a new Hawai'ian restaurant on 45th in Wallingford, Hawaiian Breeze, but I didn't see malasadas there when I went. Aloha Plates in the Uwajimaya food court reportedly has them. These places are all worth a phone call at least.

    1. I'd love some freshly made malasadas like the ones from Tex's Drive-In pictured below.

      I googled and got these suggestions for Seattle:

      Kauai Family Restaurant (Saturdays Only)
      Malia's Bakery (Portuguese Bakery)

      btw, this was a really good thread on the subject actually by Hawaiians it seems:


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        Epicurious has the recipe for the Tex's Drive-In malasadas - link below.


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          Mmmmmm....I still dream about those malasadas at Tex's. My wife and I must have polished off several dozen apiece when we visited my brother in Hilo.

          I did a similar Malasada quest back here in Seattle...and we showed up at the Kauai Family Restaurant one Saturday morning just to give them a try.

          They come in a plain paper bag, hot out of the fryer and they go really fast so show up early.

          Sadly, these were the non-filled variety but they were still addictive enough for us to eat most of them without even realizing it.

      2. Never had such an item, but it looks delectable. I'm attaching a link from an article about a year ago that lists all the Hawaiian food options in Seattle. Perhaps you can find it at one of these places?


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          The Waimea Brewing Company in Kirkland listed here closed last week.


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            Not sure if they have malasadas but there's a fairly new Hawaiian joint at the top of Queen Anne Hill called Kamalina's (sp?) across from the 5 Spot and down the street from Bricco (new wine bar). Kamalina's is next door to the new Gordito's that's going in, which I think Kamalina's also owns. Lot's of changes on Queen Anne!

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              It's Kamalani's - a coffee shop with some Hawaiian foods. The folks who own Gordito's are from Ewa Beach, and they know their Hawaiiann food!

          2. Check with the folks who run Ante Nani's, a little Hawaiian gift shop at Country Village shopping center in Bothell. Uncle Williama Aven has started making fresh malasadas there from time to time, including the haupia-filled variety.