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Oct 12, 2005 01:27 PM

morton's tonight... oh boy

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i posted a while ago for back bay steakhouse suggestions and got lots of replies. i was looking forward to trying out grill 23, the oak room, or abe & louie's... but it looks like my co-workers settled on morton's.

with that said, anyone have any suggestions on what to order (appetizers, meat, sides, desserts)? i like lamb (i noticed they had lamp chops) and i like my steaks med rare (i find i like bone-in more). i'm no meat expert by any means, so i don't really know the different cuts, etc. if anyone has suggestions, that would be great. thanks!

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  1. I always liked their NY strip. For sides, I like their Caesar salad, their lyonnaise potatoes. For dessert, you MUST have their Godiva chocolate cake. You need to order it with dinner. It is like a chocolate molten cake.

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      1. It' probably as good or better than any of those other places as far as steak, though it may be the most expensive.

        Really, the only steak to get there is the bone in ribeye. It's quite flavorful, and they seem to always be able to hit medium rare, unlike Abe and Louie's which overcooks almost every time.
        Be warned though: it's the fattiest cut. Some people are scared off by that.I have no idea why; it's the fat that makes it taste good. But if you're squeamsh about it, then go with the single sized porterhouse, which is half new york strip and half filet mignon, with a good t-bone to gnaw on afterwards.

        For sides, the usual: good creamed spinach.

        1. I really like their stuffed shrimp appetizer, and their ceasar salad. Steakwise, I think I've only had their filet which is quite good. Sides, I like their mushrooms and spinach and lyonnaise potatoes, it tastes great with the steak, and if we have some left over, I put everything it in an omelet the next day. :) And for the dessert, they have a molten chocolate cake, and I think anything gooey and hot from the oven is plenty special. Have a great time.

          1. A couple of thoughts:

            I like the steaks here, though I prefer dry-aging to the wet-aging process used here. My favorites are the bone-in ribeye and the porterhouse. On weekend nights, there's also prime rib available, which is great if you can get a very rare or rare cut.

            Sides are good, and huge. I like the hash browns, creamed spinach (probably two sticks of butter and a pint of heavy cream in there), and often get sauteed mushrooms to go with my steak.

            Try not to laugh when they roll the "menu" over, a trolley full of various meat cuts in Saran wrap (I always thought this was the stupidest gimmick), or to scream when they wave that live lobster in your face.

            There's a reason they make you order certain desserts at the time you place your dinner order: a) they're time-consuming, b) they're expensive, and c) if you waited till later, you might not order them. They do a nice dessert souffle.

            Not my favorite in town -- I kind of hate that dining room, even with the redo -- but it's easier to take if the company is picking up the check.

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              I'd be tempted to scream when they waved a lobster in my face just for fun & giggles.