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Sep 21, 2005 11:31 PM

Reading capri

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Just moved to reading and looking to know whats decent..seen it but haven't been to Cafe Capri on Main street.. how is it? Looking for everything from take-out, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, etc...would appreciate the help!!!

Thanx chowers...


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  1. I like Mandarin Reading for Chinese take-out and they have a great sushi bar.
    The Horseshoe (North Reading) has great ribs and bar-b-que.

    1. Bangkok Spice on Haven Street is good inexpensive Thai. The Duck Walk is good (much) more expensive Thai. Richardson's ice cream has a store in the Jordan's Furniture on Walker's Brook Drive/North Ave. Capri is ok for pizza and calzones...haven't had their other stuff in a while. Town Pizza in the center has good pizza, too. The Reading Wine store in the center is nice for gourmet goodies. I'm completely blanking on the name of the restaurant in the center (on the corner, near the wine store) that has good drinks and food...when I remember, I'll post.


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        The restaurant I was blanking on is called Venetian Moon.

      2. Pho Number One in Woburn is worth a visit. Very simple, no-frills interior. Food is tasty and reasonable.

        Take 128S to 38. Go right and continue straight. Pho Number One is on your left, a small storefront.

        1. Savory Tastes on Main St. in Reading is an excellent place! It is not a take-out place but has closer to a find dining menu, though at more moderate prices. the menu changes 4 times a year, for each season. The food and service has always been great for me, and I have been there over a dozen times. All my friends and relatives who have gone there have enjoyed it very much too.

          1. And for the best Italian sub anywhere, try Little Chucks Deli on Washington St.(it is on the bend driving away from 28 towards Home Depot, Jordans etc.).