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Sep 19, 2005 11:06 AM

Petit Robert Bistro

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I want to add my loud cheer for this spot. Three couples who lived in France met here for dinner. The pate trio superb, salad with goat cheese equally praised. Skirt steak, lamb, duck entrees all met with great approval. The Petit Robert chocolate cake, decadent; giant profiterole, simple but delicious. Wonderful wine selection and even better prices: each couple paid $88 without tip. A wonderful value. Only disappointment was they did not serve baguettes - cooked their own bread which was good - but not the true French experience at table.

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  1. Yes, the food was excellent but I don't think the atmosphere made up for it. I'm not asking for the place to be decked out in gold but there was nothing to get excited about other than the food. That may sound silly but part of my whole weekend dining experience is the whole picture, and Petit Robert did not deliver. And don't get me started on the bar.. they cram the bartender behind the pastry chef so people can see the desserts being made, cool concept, but it does not work functionally. It took me 10 minutes to get a drink menu in my hand, and then another 10 minutes to get the drink... and it wasn't even that busy.

    1. I agree with mpd that Petit Robert is a wonderful place. We could use more restaurants like this in Boston--cozy, inviting atmosphere; well-prepared, interesting food; and reasonable prices. Just went there for lunch and had the Fromage Risotto with Mushroom Stew (out of this world) along with the Vegan Pate appetizer (also excellent). My dining companion ordered the fish of the day (Halibut Amandine) and likewise proclaimed it to be delicious. They offer a good selection of wines by-the-glass, an enticing dessert menu, and simple but tastefully pleasant decor. I found it to be the perfect place to wile away a couple of hours in true European fashion! Will definitely go back.