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Sep 4, 2005 12:04 PM

Boston area Middle Eastern or Turkish grocery stores?

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Does anyone know of any markets or grocery stores that sell things like dolma, yufka, jams, white cheese, etc? (preferably around somerville,arlington or cambridge, but I heard watertown might have some good places?)

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  1. It's not to far from that area to Revere, where I like El Madina. I haven't been there for a little while so I'm not positive, but I don't think they have fresh cheeses and olives like the places in Watertown. But they have a decent selection of shelf, refrigerated and frozen supplies, as well as a meat counter. They also do some takeout but I've never tried it.

    El Madina
    148 Squire Road, Revere, MA 02151
    (781) 289-4344

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      Sevan in Watertown has fresh olives and cheeses, jams, cordials, homemade pastries, lamejun, etc. And there's Arax, one block away.

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        I tried to go to Arax, but it was closed, probably for labor day. Any preferences/differences between that and Sevan?
        Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions!

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          I've always liked Sevan more, mostly because the guys there seem nicer and the place used to be a lot cleaner than Arax... though I think they're both in good physical condition now.

          Also, the pizza thingies at Sevan (kaseri cheese and olives on a greasy crust) are fantastic.

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            I like Assis as well which is right in that area

    2. Sevan in Watertown should have pretty much anything you could want.

      1. Bob's Pita Bakery has middle eastern staples, dairy, vegetables and fresh pitas. They are in roslindale square.

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          Roslindale Fish market on Poplar supplements Bob's with superior cheese, olives and excellent fish, and John'r bakery also has round sesame breads, known as semit. Great with cheese.

        2. The Syrian Market in the South End, beside Formaggio's and Franklin Cafe has lots of middle eastern foods.

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