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Sep 2, 2005 10:59 AM

Jimmy's Pizza in E. Walpole

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Last night a friend and I sat down for pizza at Jimmy's Pizza in East Walpole. Jimmy's is a family favorite. We think they have the best pizza in the area. Inside is always clean, including the bathroom. The dining area has many tall windows that follow the layout of the circular wall that faces outside. The counter staff aren't the usual snappy, tough-guy, pizza joint/sub shop types but rather they're polite, friendly, and patient. The pizza is delicious and light. We ordered a large cheese with green peppers plus olives on one side and orange juices. I know this report sounds overly positive, but I promise to report on any negatives if they come up in future visits.

By the way, before the pizza, we played mini-golf at the Funway Cafe in Walpole. It was the worst course I'd ever played and after about 8 holes we put away the score card because the greens were in horrible shape. As we left I asked an employee to deliver a message to the manager that the greens were terrible. He expressed surprise and offered that the greens were redone just last year. I was like, "That's too bad. Sorry to hear that." He said he'd pass along the feedback to his manager.

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    I love Jimmy's Pizza. I know people in Walpole, and whenever they have a party, they always get pizzas from there. It's definitely the best in that area (though I still like Islington Pizza a little better, but that's a few miles up the road).

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      here, here for Islington Pizza, i'd drive by them all the time going to Roche Bros, but would forget them when my wife would ask if i wanted pizza. i was about to give up eating pizza near home (Dedham).

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        My family and I eat at Jimmy's ounce a week! I am ashamed to admit it but their number is saved in my cell phone! The service and food are top notch!

    2. I thought I was going to need to call an ambulance while reading this post for Jimmyy's in Walpole as I was laughing so hard- I have lived in Norwood for years and IMHO this is an average Greek style pizza joint- nothing particularly bad about the place but nothing special either.

      I am also a pizza coniseauer and would recommend several other places in the area that are far superior- the first being Pizzeria Grande which is also in Walpole- this place has great Italian pizza and calzone and is always busy when I go there- another place in walpole that is pretty decent is Leo's on 1a- again Italian and then there is Santucci's New York Style Pizza, this place in Norwood that opened last year that is by far the best i have had outside the North End- A nice thin crust, savory sauce that's not sweet, cooked real crisp- oh what a Pie....This place could fit right in with Regina's- no question about it. If you are in this area of Walpole/ Norwood- skip Jimmy's and head to Santucci's- it's on route one & I think it's near Petco or Pet smart. I am going to go there this week end and will report back.

      1. Primo's in Westwood has very good Italian pizza.

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        1. re: Ann

          Funny. I live in Walpole. I finally went to this Jimmy's. One of the worst Greek pizzas I ever had. I prefer Italian- but I suppose this place is popular w/ little kids- to much flavorless cheese and sauce and the typical Greek crust-the same as every other Greek pizza joint. Stay away from the Greek pizza joints- the are all bad- Italian pizza shops is where you find great pizza- Like Leo's on 1a Walpole,pizza grande,washington street walpole, Bertucci's,Santucci's, Chateau all have good italian pizza in the area and a far better than Jimmy's & the rest of them.

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            I've been back to Jimmy's twice since, and my folks, my girlfriend, and I, have loved our pizza, the cleanliness of the restaurant, and the fine and friendly service. Both times, my dad and I got onion, peppers, and black olives while my girlfriend and mom got pepperoni and pineapple.

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              I've had a few good Greek pizzas in my time but generally I agree the Italian variety is superior. Another great pizza in East Walpole, however, is at a surprising source...The British Beer Company! This growing chain is immensely popular on Cape Cod, where I used to live, and I think their pizzas are superb.