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Aug 29, 2005 10:31 AM

Cuchi Cuchi

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I referred a friend to this place as a cozy little bar with good finger foods, from things I have read off of this board.

The service was so bad I don't even know how the food was, because there were numerous complaints...

First, she said that after a lengthy wait they sat down and were going to order something... as they placed their order they were instructed that there was a $20 order per person minimum when sitting at a table, drinks not included... Now I can understand if someone goes to an expensive restaurant with 10 people and each person orders soup and salad, but I've seen cuchi cuchi's menu online and most items are under $10... which basically means you have to order 3 entrees just to sit down? that is out of control...

Second issue was that she was asked for a credit card to be held in the event that she had more drinks than she had money for... now i have no real beef with this, i mean you could ask for the money up front, as some people could interpret this as mildly insulting, but this is not the worst request that could be made.

However, what does make this bad is that when they asked for the bill, the person holding the card (only holding it because THEY asked) swiped the card and charged the bill. They wanted to pay cash and were not asked or made aware that it would be put on the credit card.

I know I won't be going there personally...

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  1. I've only been there twice, but I think Cuchi Cuchi is lame. It's okay for a fancy frou frou girly drink if you're in that kind of mood, but there are such better places to go for food/service/ambiance.

    I would never recommended CC.

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    1. re: yumyum

      I agree. I've only been once but that was enough for me; while the decor was charmante and the drinks interesting, the food was only so-so and the service downright unprofessional, snotty and condescending in a way I'd thought til then was an urban myth--and I've heard the same from others.

    2. They're getting too popular for their own good.

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      1. re: Joanie

        As Yogi would say, "nobody goes there any more, it's too crowded".

      2. I've been there twice and both times the service and the food were fine. I enjoyed myself and my frou frou drinks and apps and desserts. I think it is a fun place along the same line as Dali or Tapeo (same owners as Dali I think?) with kinda goofier decor and wackier drinks, but I would go there more for the cool factor than the food factor.

        The $20 per person food limit is also new to me -- never heard that one before but I haven't been there on a weekend evening so maybe it is different then when they are expecting a mob scene.

        I am horrified at the "give us a credit card in case you don't have enough cash" question -- unless someone at the table said they weren't quite sure if they had enough and the waitress somehow awkwardly conveyed this as a convenienece? How completely bizarre.

        Sorry your friend had a bad experience.

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        1. re: dillard

          The wife of the owner of Dali owns Cuchi-Cuchi along with several other women.

          I haven't been to CC since they opened, when I had good service and drinks. Disappointing that Tamara would let service get so bad.

          As for the OP's comment re: $20 food minimum, I don't think that's hard to do - two tapas per person can easily go over $20, based on their prices (which seem to have gone up since I was last there!). And these aren't quite tapas - more like large appetizer sizes IIRC.

          1. re: dillard

            I have had only good food AND service at "CC". I've been three times and it has not disappointed at all.

            Something does not smell right with this complaint. The requests from the wait staff and the minimum order amount are a little funny-sounding. As this report is third-hand, at this point, I would advise anyone reading it to give it very little weight. On the other hand, it has been over a year since I've been there, so who knows.

            CC's cocktails are designed according to the classic formula: strong, sweet, sour. If fresh juice makes a drink "frou frou", then keep enjoying that bottled sour mix.

          2. I am FUMING. I went with friends to dinner there on Friday night, listen to what happened: Even though we were "preferred seating" (not reservations), we were seated at a coffee table, with a couch on one side and various stools and seats on the other. Though it wasn't my first choice, it was okay for our informal group. At the beginning of the meal, I gave our server my credit card and asked that the bill not be brought to the table, but that i would take care of it. SHe seemed to understand.

            When friends were reading the drink menu, she asked for our drink order. One asked the waitress what her preference was between two drinks and she said, "Can I come back once you decided, 'cause, I have alot of tables and I"m busy"

            We ordered A LOT of food. In an hour and a half time we racked up almost $300 in food and drink (not that hard to do at $10 drinks, but still we didn't just eat from the bread basket and drink water)
            Nearing the end of the meal, I went to the ladies room and my server said, "I've been trying to get your attention about the bill, since you are not having dessert". I said, "I'd close out but that we are still having drinks" she then told me, "that is fine, but you will have to go to the bar"

            THEN. Even though I had told her that we were not finished with our meal, at our non-table, and that I wanted to be discreet about paying the bill, she came right up to the table and said, "Like I told you by the bathroom, we need your table, and you will have to go to the bar" We responded that when we are done with our drinks, we will pay our bill and leave. She said, "Well, we need your table for service"
            She and the hostess proceeded to give us the evil eye until it got so bad that we were all just laughing! It was so bad, it was laughable.

            The food was okay, we enjoyed our drinks, but were are NEVER returning to Cuchi Cuchi. That place should revisit what it means to be in the service industry. I do wonder if they had sat us at a "normal" table, would they have been so rude?

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            1. re: number11

              I concur with Number11 - Cuchi Cuchi is absolutely horrible for large parties. My experience was very similar and it was enough for me to say NEVER EVER again.

              Cuchi Cuchi
              795 Main St, Cambridge, MA 02139

              1. re: Najibie

                I find this whole thread odd. Three 1st time posters rip the place while many long term posters defend it. Weird how they all had recent bad experiences....

                1. re: ac106

                  These aren't recent bad experiences as the thread is originally from 2005. No wonder it sounded so odd.

                  1. re: kitsune

                    ack!!!! i can't believe i fell for that! STUPID AC106!!!