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Aug 19, 2005 04:15 PM

Craving Crispy Pan Fried Noodles

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I was in New York last weekend and had THE most amazing pan fried noodles from a chinese delivery place. Now, I'm craving something similiar. Can anyone recommend a vietnamese/chinese place that makes crispy pan fried noodles with a chow mein mixture on top? Any suggestions would be certainly appreciated, since I can't get to New York for awhile.

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  1. The Wok, on Route 9 in Wellesley, serves a dish called "Two Side Yellow," which consists of beef, chicken, shrimp and vegetables served on top of pan fried noodles.

    1. I had great shrimp with pan fried noodlses at Floating Rock in Revere recently.

      1. I would recommend Chang Sho on Mass Ave in Cambridge. Its located between Porter and Harvard Squares and has treeeemendously delicious Pan Fried Noodles along with a nice selection of fresh vegetables and chicken and shrimp.

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          1. I'd love to hear about exceptional pan-fried noodles! I've been to maybe two dozen Chinese restaurants around Boston and not a single pan-fried noodle has really stood out. I grade them pass/fail. East Ocean City in Chinatown, Royal East in Cambridge and Victoria's Seafood near B.U. all pass the grade for their pan-fried noodles.

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              My vote is for the pan fried noodles at Jumbo Seafood. Excellent in taste, large portion, low price. What more could you ask for?