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Craving Crispy Pan Fried Noodles

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I was in New York last weekend and had THE most amazing pan fried noodles from a chinese delivery place. Now, I'm craving something similiar. Can anyone recommend a vietnamese/chinese place that makes crispy pan fried noodles with a chow mein mixture on top? Any suggestions would be certainly appreciated, since I can't get to New York for awhile.

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  1. The Wok, on Route 9 in Wellesley, serves a dish called "Two Side Yellow," which consists of beef, chicken, shrimp and vegetables served on top of pan fried noodles.

    1. I had great shrimp with pan fried noodlses at Floating Rock in Revere recently.

      1. I would recommend Chang Sho on Mass Ave in Cambridge. Its located between Porter and Harvard Squares and has treeeemendously delicious Pan Fried Noodles along with a nice selection of fresh vegetables and chicken and shrimp.

        1. I'd love to hear about exceptional pan-fried noodles! I've been to maybe two dozen Chinese restaurants around Boston and not a single pan-fried noodle has really stood out. I grade them pass/fail. East Ocean City in Chinatown, Royal East in Cambridge and Victoria's Seafood near B.U. all pass the grade for their pan-fried noodles.

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            My vote is for the pan fried noodles at Jumbo Seafood. Excellent in taste, large portion, low price. What more could you ask for?

          2. In Chinatown on Beach St... I think the name of the place is the New Golden Bridge. It is right at the large pagoda entrance into Chinatown. Great chicken chow mein with the pan fried noodles... it was a real treat. Very fresh... non of that gooey pastey sauce