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Aug 3, 2005 02:13 PM

Santarpios or Kelly's Pub

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Hello All:

I am having the girls over for a card game tonight and am thinking of getting pizzas. My question where would be the best place to go. Santarpios Pizza or Kellys Pub in East Boston. I have heard some bad reports on Santarpios lately and want to make sure I get the best pie.

Is there another spot in the East Boston, Revere or Chelsea area that is better. Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I don't eat pizza enough to know whats the best. Need all the pizza experts to chime in.

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  1. I'd be happy with either of the two you mentioned. In Chelsea, The Brown Jug makes a good pizza too.

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      I'm convinced that Kelley's uses american cheese for its pizzas sometimes. Santarpios is great, but I feel best eaten at Santarpios. I've had great luck with takeout pies from Cafe Italia II (namely the margherita) and delivery from Pizzeria Toto. The mushrooms are real baby bella with some herbs on them. And the foccaccia pizza is very good, too.


      1. re: Lizard

        Thought I would post the results of the Pizza. THanks for the suggestion on the Pizza Toto. Got a Large Cheese from here and also a large Cheese from Kelley's and the group all agreed they liked Pizzeria Toto the best. I have to agree I liked it better to. Thank you so much for pointing me in this direction. While I was there to pick up a couple of people were there eating the pasta dinners that looked soo good. I am definetly going to keep this menu in my folder and go back soon.

        Thanks I would have never in a million year found this on my own.

        1. re: Roxy

          You are soooo welcome. I'm glad it worked out for you. Always hesitant to make suggestions in case that it turns out to be a disaster. Glad that was not the case. And the people at Toto are really really nice. The caprese foccaccia pizza is delicious. And not what you would expect. All fresh, but not melted. Thought I wouldn't like it, but it was outstanding.

    2. At least with Kelly's Pub you can get toppings on your pie whereas it's just straight cheese at Santarpios.

      However, I've gone to Kelly's Pub a couple of times lately to dine in and the hostess given me & hubby a pretty frosty reception. Sometimes in Eastie it helps when you're "from around here". But I have to laugh because my husband was born & raised there. Maybe just a couple of off nights for her?

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      1. re: sundaegirl

        Santarpio's only offers cheese pizzas? Since when?

        1. re: Someguy

          Santarpios has tons of toppings. The confusion may stem from the fact that they do not rest on TOP of the cheese. Rather, they are under the cheese on top of the sauce. But I don't think they travel well, and I live about 4 minutes away.

          1. re: Lizard
            Bob Dobalina

            Woh woh - wait a minute -

            If I recall correctly, Santarpio has only ever offered a few choice toppings -

            They are -

            Onions -
            Mushrooms -
            Sausage -
            Garlic -
            Cheese -

            The sausage I believe is always their homemade version - which you can also get fresh off the grill with a side of bread and cherry peppers -

            I never recall Santarpio's pizza as being soggy from the toppings (like, say, Pizzeria Uno's).

            1. re: Bob Dobalina

              AND PEPPERONI! Man I love that pepperoni pie. The trick with Santarpio's is you can't do more than one topping- that's when it gets soggy.

              I usually order a pepperoni and a white pie. Yummmmm

          2. re: Someguy

            Yes, they have toppings. But most people would tell you not to order them which is why I only consider Santarpios for cheese pizza. They use canned vegetables and the toppings do make their pizza soggy.

        2. I've mentioned this before but I think the pizzas at Big Lou's Ribhouse in Revere are excellent.

          1. I've not eaten at Kelly's, but numerous times at Santarpio's. Best way to "do" their pie at home is to buy their "half-cooked" pies, then finish in your preheated oven when ready to eat it. OMG GOOD! BTW, the sausage they put on their pie is different than the sausage you can get in the link form as a side dish. I prefer to order a plain cheese pie then a side order of link sausage, then crumble it up and put on the pizza myself, Outstanding! The Roasted Lamb is also a Great tasting snack, cooked over red hot coals by an Expert, who knows how to get the most flavor while still leaving the meaty chunks very tender. I try and eat there whenever arriving or leaveing Logan, for me a 25 year tradition, and I'M FROM BROOKLYN!!!!!!!!

            1. Santarpio's sausage pizza is the best you can get but, you need to eat it there. Go to Regina in the North End for a to go pizza. 10 minutes out of your way for an awesome to go pizza.