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Aug 3, 2005 01:25 PM

Tapas at Masa

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I've kind of been a Masa hater for years, though I probably revisit annually anyway because it's in my neighborhood. But Dax claimed the $1 tapas menu was worth checking out, so we finally gave that a try.

This does indeed turn out to be a tasty bargain. We really liked the guajillo-rubbed steak with guac, grilled chorizo, BBQ chicken skewer, crispy calamari, smoked chicken taquito, pork empanada, and tuna ceviche taco. The eggplant dip was the only one we wouldn't order more of. We didn't try the mussels or shrimp ceviche. 12 or 13 of these made for a very pleasant, filling, varied, and very reasonable meal for two.

You must specify that you want to order from the tapas menu, and they seat you in the bar. The deal goes all night Su-Th, and after 9:30 Fr-Sa. We will definitely return for this.

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  1. I've sat outside before for tapas. I think the tapas are hit and miss, as is that sangria. But for the money, it's worth the gamble.

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    1. re: Dax

      a friend and i stopped by last night for tapas and drinks. we started out with the masaritas, but we didn't like that at all. later we both got the raspberry mojito and liked that much better.

      it seems like their tapas menu has changed a bit. we shared the combo platter:

      *roasted beets with queso de cabra
      *ripe plantain and farmers cheese
      *ahi tuna ceviche with avocado
      *calamari salad tossed with mexican oregano
      *southwestern style salmon tartar
      *tangy jalepeno chicken salad lettuce wrap
      *grilled chorizo and cranberry chutney salsa
      *pulled bbq lamb and mexican sopes
      *baby scallops and avocado salsa
      *carne asada with guacamole and tostadita

      our least favorites was the tangy chicken salad - it just tasted like spicy chicken salad. pretty boring/basic. my friend had the scallops, tuna, and salmon, and said they were all good but liked them in that respective order. she also recommended the carne asada (i didn't get to taste it). i liked the plantains and beets, but they were nothing spectacular. we both liked the chorizo a lot, and i liked the lamb, too (my friend didn't try it).

      we also shared an order of the ribs and a scallops and bbq duck dish. (i can't remember the exact names, but i had them fax me their tapas menu before we went yesterday, so that's how i knew what all the tapas were!) i probably wouldn't order the scallops and bbq duck dish again (it was just ok), but the ribs were so good. so tender and completely fell off the bone.

      all in all we were happy with the food, so i'll probably go back, i just won't order the masarita!

    2. Just wondering if they are still reasonable. Looking for places to feed my project team and this looks interesting and budget friendly (from the tapas menu).

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      1. re: kerwintoronto

        It's a bargain, but it's really only an update on giving away peanuts, popcorn, rice crackers or any other salty snack in the bar: they're planning to make their money on drinks. A cocktail or two drains a bit of value from this deal. I still prefer these small bites to the regular menu, which remains overpriced and middling in my view. At least the "cowboy steak" seems to have slipped from a one-time high of $34 to a less-insulting $29.

      2. Yes, they still offer $1 tapas in their bar area. The tapas are each about 2 or 3 bites max. A single tapas menu item is going to be smaller in size than a tapas order at say Tapeo. Just a warning since I've heard of people going there and expecting that ordering just 3 or 4 items off the $1 tapas menu was going to be enough to sate 2 people. ;)

        I enjoy the tapas at Masa. The combo platter will fill you up and the price isn't that bad at $10. You can find their tapas menu on their website:

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        1. re: mangorita

          Stopped in last night for a snack of five tapas and a beer for a total of $10.50 pre-tip. I had an empanada, a taquito, tuna ceviche that tasted more like tartar, grilled chorizo, and a black bean sopes. Most of the flavors tended to meld together as they're all like two bites maximum.