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Jul 29, 2005 02:37 PM

Time to Throw Back The Daily Catch, Fan Pier location

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Just returned from special occasion lunch with 7 others at The Daily Catch, Fan Pier -- I don't expect any of the party of 8 of us will ever frequent any of their locations again under the current owners:

1. Inquiries to the kitchen arose from the 5 who ordered Shrimp Puttanesca with Black Ink Pasta -- it contained no capers, no olives, anchovy presence was limited at best, and it was a relatively bland tomato sauce. The questions were about why it was so different from prior experiences within the past year at the same location at lunch, and no one preferred the changed version. They were met with HOSTILITY by the OWNER/CHEF (both a man and a woman) who happened to be at that site today, followed by an argument about why their recipe today was what it was. The response was delivered with a quite nasty tone overall, leaving us with a feeling of being told "how dare you ask questions about our food?". Life is far too short for this kind of treatment IMHO. It really put a damper on the celebration that should have been underway outside on a pier on a beautiful day with a great view of the harbor.

2. One of the entrees had a hair (clearly not the same color as the diner's) in it. When it was pointed out, no remedy was offered by the owner (who was in the midst of the recipe tirade at the time) -- note that ultimately that entree was removed from the bill (no alternative or replacement was suggested).

3. The service (while quite friendly) was extremely slow -- everyone ordered off the lunch menu and it took almost an hour for the food to arrive (we were seated immediately upon arrival and the place was never full). Empty drinks remained empty for a long time.

I should note also that the free cannolis offered seemingly as a afterthought (and via message with the server, not in person by the owner or even manager) were declined by everyone -- we wanted to leave as soon as possible (and an already-extended lunch hour was really being strained by the slow service).

Given all the positive posts here and good prior Daily Catch experiences (especially in the North End one), this was a shock and a sad experience.

We're all glad to be in Boston where there are still plenty of other Italian seafood options remaining who value their repeat customers and will welcome our future patronage.

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  1. WOW very surprising. I have been a DC fan for years and I am shocked. Did the business change hands? Sounds very unlike the ownership I have come to know. SOmeone should print your post and slip it to them. Leaving out all the good stuff from the DC's classic signature dish is suisquidal if you asked me.

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    1. re: ipsofatso

      That is so sad to hear! I'm a big fan of the black ink pastas. I wonder if all the changing (they had another location in Saugus that closed) has put a strain on the restaurant. They should go back to doing what they do best and forget about expanding.

    2. I'm VERY surprised! But now that I've seen the date of this post I feel better. It's 2009 and they are consistently AWESOME!!

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      1. re: sdmcglennon

        Can others validate this glowing first post or can the OP please provide some specifics of the consistent awesomeness? - I so hope it's true as the location is so excellent and it would be great to have a semblance of the North End location there instead of what's kept me away for the past four years. Anyone?

        1. re: rlh

          I don't know about 2005, but we ate at both locations over the summer, and had the pasta puttanesca at both, and it was similar and wonderfully delicious both times. I felt that the North End location way to claustrophobic for me, but it was unchanged in terms of food and decor from my days in med school in the mid 80's.

      2. It is beyond me why a four year old post could even come up. I haven't been in a while, but did have the Puttanesca dish two years ago and it was very good. The patio also has one of the best views of the city and is always cool on a hot day. I''ll make a point of going back there soon

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        1. re: ghostcat

          My own experience was that despite the nice setting, the food and service at the Waterfront location were a pretty significant step down from the North End original.

          1. re: MC Slim JB

            There is a sign in the Brookline location that they are planning to reopen, but as fas as i can tell, nothing is happening there. Any info?

            1. re: CookieLee

              While I have found the food at the Seaport location to be good, the service is not that great. It can be friendly, but pretty unprofessional and/or slow. Some of the staff is rather gruff. Not necessarily in a mean way, but it's not the way you should relate to customers.

              1. re: CookieLee

                The sign in the Brookline location keeps appearing then dissappearing. This has been going on for a couple of years. Nothing seems to be happening inside.

                Though i'm a fan of the North End location, the Brookline one had food which did not hold a candle to the original one. It seemed that some of the dishes might have been prepared somewhere else then reheated.

                I've also found the service at the courthouse one to be very slow.

              2. re: MC Slim JB

                How long ago was that? Perhaps things have improved, but I could detect minimal differences in the food and the service was better at the Courthouse location.

                1. re: aadesmd

                  Hi, I believe that it is the same location.

            2. I totally agree with you. I asked to have the lobster removed from the shell in the kitchen and was also met with hostility by the owner who said that it would be $15 to remove from the shell. I think the meal for 2 people was $70. I can never understand why sauce is put over a lobster shell. I would never go there again. And the service was extremely slow despite a very very well intentioned waiter. And probably not their fault (or they didn't pay enough) but I'd love to have a martini before dinner-beer and wine only.

              1. Many of us on the board have had bad/terrible experiences at the Fort Point Channel location: