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We got sandwiches last night at Chacarero in Downtown Crossing and went to Piers Park in East Boston for a picnic. I really like their sandwiches there. Had a chicken sandwich with guacamole, peppers, and cheese.

Anyone else have any good sandwiches there? Any favorites?

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  1. It's a Boston board favorite.

    Chicken w/ the works, extra hot sauce.

    1. You should see the line on M-F between 11:45 - 1:30. Chacerero is somewhat of a phenomenon.

      I find the sandwiches to be pretty good, but not worth the cult-like wait time.

      Here's a tip: you can call or fax an order in and pick it up without having to wait in the gargantuan line.

      I included a link to the menu.

      Link: http://www.chacarero.com/menu.html

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      1. re: icculus

        You are right about the line. Although I disagree about it not being worth the wait, I do try to go either at 11:45 or after 2.

        1. re: icculus

          How do they work the fax option? I have a 20 minute walk to get there. If they put my order together immediately after getting the fax its likely to be lukewarm and mushy when I arrive. But if they just grab one for me when I show up and mention my fax at the cashier . . . perfect. I suppose I could also specify a time, but that might be asking a bit much . . .

        2. My favorite is grilled chicken with green beans and extra hot sauce. I noticed a van going onto 93N with their logo. I wonder if they cater or deliver.

          1. You're missing out if you don't get the 'works' (it's not the same without all the fixin's - especially the string beans). I like the beef with the works, extra guac and extra hot.

            1. I've got to say, I was a member of the "Chacarero cult" at one time, but now I think La Mamma's in Allston blows them away. And the hot sauce at La Mamma's is out of this world.

              and NO line - now lets keep this our little secret ;-)

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              1. re: johnnymac

                You can't post this without telling us more. Where in Allston? What's the offering? (I apologize if I've missed the discussions of this; I'll try a search.) "Blows them away" is a pretty strong statement given the chacareros are mind blowingly good to begin with.

                1. re: Ian

                  Ok, I've answered my own question. Below is a link to a discussion of La Mamma, one post in which includes a link to an earlier discussion, which also includes information about location.

                  Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

                  1. re: Ian

                    La Mamma's is on Brighton Ave. in Allston/Brighton (I'm never sure which town is where). It's a small "New York Pizza" type take-out place on the corner with a few tables, but they also have a separate menu for Chilean food, which is great (most of it not on their take-out menu). I have had their empanadas many, many times and they are great. I have also had their chacarero, which is much bigger than the one from downtown crossing and also very good. It also looks like they serve many other Chilean dishes, but I haven't had them.

                2. Woohoo, actually found a self-titled thread to work with.

                  I leave town in a couple of days and this is one of my last unturned stones. A few questions:

                  What is the difference between BBQ and regular? I don't really like sweet/vinegary style BBQ.

                  Chicken, beef, or both? What's on the veggie? I don't like dry meat.

                  I already know I'm gunning for extra hot :)


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                  1. re: twitchology

                    I'd suggest starting with the "classic" which is chicken, tomatoes, string beans, muenster cheese, guac spread, hot sauce and salt and pepper. It's a fabulous sandwich (my favorite in fact) - it's so good I've never even bothered with their variations. Personally I find a combo of chicken and beef to be a bit strange, though I've heard their BBQ is good. If you like hot, apparently you have to ask for extra, extra hot, not just extra hot. I used to ask for extra hot, and while it was better than hot, not nearly as hot as I'd like. The extra "extras" (??) apparently do the trick.

                    1. re: kobuta

                      I prefer the beef to the chicken, usually. The "BBQ" is nice, the meat is seasoned and the peppers are added to it.

                      I still find "extra extra hot" to not really be hot enough but feel too silly to say "extra extra extra extra hot" :)

                    2. re: twitchology

                      I would have to agree. The classic chicken is to die for. Veggie is the same without meat and adds roasted red peppers. I've found that the line lately is not as bad as it once was... I hate to admit this but i usually hit it there twice a week!

                      1. re: omarba

                        Here's a funny addition: Au Bon Pain is now selling a Chilean sandwich. Had it last week. It's not terrible...just not nearly as good as Chacarero, of course (haven't had La Mamma). The ingredients are metered out very precisely (I think you get exactly 6 beans) which defeats the purpose of the sandwich. BUT...if there's nowhere else to eat, and you can't take another chicken caesar wrap...

                        1. re: cliobaci

                          Interesting. Is this at all Au Bon Pain's, or ones in the downtown area only?

                          1. re: cliobaci

                            The new Z Squared Cafe in PO Square also offers a chacarerro sandwich. haven't tried it yet..very happy with the original.

                            1. re: cliobaci

                              I didn't think La Mama's was nearly as good as Chac.

                            2. re: omarba

                              I am behnd in my Chacarrero experiences since the demo of the Filenes building, where are they now?

                              1. re: Devilsfood

                                It's right on the same street as Sam lagrassa's. i think it's province street

                                1. re: Devilsfood

                                  There are two. One is on Province Street, the other is on Arch Street.

                            3. I just had my first Chacarero today. A round fresh baked roll had chicken, green beans, tomatoes , guac spread, muenster cheese, and hot sauce. On paper this does not really appeal to me, however, it turned out to be delicious. I don't even like tomatoes but it went really well with the sandwich. Next time I would get it with extra hot as other posters have suggested and probably either without the guac or light spread as the roll gets soggy unless you scarf it immediately. The green beans are cooked but weren't hot/warm when I had it even right after it was made. Is this standard?

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                              1. re: scubahood10

                                I don't recall the green beans ever being hot, though they're not palpably cold either. Since the chicken is usually right off the grill, maybe this masks that the green beans are pre-cooked.

                              2. Just a side note - if ever in the 'hood and the line to the Chack is out the door, walk toward PI Alley and try Cafe Delicato - there is a sandwich board often placed in the alley - It's been there a while - but the guy making the sandwiches does it with care - yesterday, had their #2 weekly special - ham, salami and provolone, with spinach greens, tomatoes, onion pesto sauce on a foccaccia roll - good crisp dill pickle spear on the side (along with a scoop of forgettable pasta salad) - $7. The sandwich was very good - not super gourmet or anything, but certainly not a bad deal if you can't wait in line down the street, at the very least.