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Jul 14, 2005 09:30 AM


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We got sandwiches last night at Chacarero in Downtown Crossing and went to Piers Park in East Boston for a picnic. I really like their sandwiches there. Had a chicken sandwich with guacamole, peppers, and cheese.

Anyone else have any good sandwiches there? Any favorites?

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  1. It's a Boston board favorite.

    Chicken w/ the works, extra hot sauce.

    1. You should see the line on M-F between 11:45 - 1:30. Chacerero is somewhat of a phenomenon.

      I find the sandwiches to be pretty good, but not worth the cult-like wait time.

      Here's a tip: you can call or fax an order in and pick it up without having to wait in the gargantuan line.

      I included a link to the menu.


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      1. re: icculus

        You are right about the line. Although I disagree about it not being worth the wait, I do try to go either at 11:45 or after 2.

        1. re: icculus

          How do they work the fax option? I have a 20 minute walk to get there. If they put my order together immediately after getting the fax its likely to be lukewarm and mushy when I arrive. But if they just grab one for me when I show up and mention my fax at the cashier . . . perfect. I suppose I could also specify a time, but that might be asking a bit much . . .

        2. My favorite is grilled chicken with green beans and extra hot sauce. I noticed a van going onto 93N with their logo. I wonder if they cater or deliver.

          1. You're missing out if you don't get the 'works' (it's not the same without all the fixin's - especially the string beans). I like the beef with the works, extra guac and extra hot.

            1. I've got to say, I was a member of the "Chacarero cult" at one time, but now I think La Mamma's in Allston blows them away. And the hot sauce at La Mamma's is out of this world.

              and NO line - now lets keep this our little secret ;-)

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              1. re: johnnymac

                You can't post this without telling us more. Where in Allston? What's the offering? (I apologize if I've missed the discussions of this; I'll try a search.) "Blows them away" is a pretty strong statement given the chacareros are mind blowingly good to begin with.

                1. re: Ian

                  Ok, I've answered my own question. Below is a link to a discussion of La Mamma, one post in which includes a link to an earlier discussion, which also includes information about location.


                  1. re: Ian

                    La Mamma's is on Brighton Ave. in Allston/Brighton (I'm never sure which town is where). It's a small "New York Pizza" type take-out place on the corner with a few tables, but they also have a separate menu for Chilean food, which is great (most of it not on their take-out menu). I have had their empanadas many, many times and they are great. I have also had their chacarero, which is much bigger than the one from downtown crossing and also very good. It also looks like they serve many other Chilean dishes, but I haven't had them.