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Jul 11, 2005 08:21 PM

Cape Ann? Gloucester?

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Anything terrrrrific north towards Cape Ann/Gloucester a first time visitor absolutely should not miss? (I got recs for Ipswich...)

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    The Franklin Cafe in Gloucester...they have a slightly different menu than the South End location, and a different vibe...just as fantastic. It's on Main Street (I think). Prices are 20 and under for everything

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    1. re: NickCambridge

      I just saw the summer menu and if memory serves there were a few entree items $23/24.

      1. re: SEH

        interesting....I haven't been there in about a year, and I don't remember that. So, they're chaniging their tune it seems... I wonder if they are going to start that creep down here, too. Too bad...that was one of their great selling points for so long...excellent food at affordable prices.

    2. 1/2 way to Gloucester in Essex - The Village Restaurant is a long-time standby.

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      1. re: applehome

        The Village serves stodgy 'standard' New England food (the baked stuffed haddock was decent, but the overcooked asparagus and Uncle Ben's-type rice pilaf wasn't). I wouldn't waste my time and $ here; much better to eat at Essex Seafood (also on this stretch of Rt 133 but closer to Gloucester), Farnhams or even Woodman's. They're seafood shacks but you'll get good fried clams, onion rings, and clam chowder as well as lobster. Plus the latter two have pretty marsh views.

        I second the rec fo Franklin Cape Ann on Main St, Gloucester - never disappoints, and always reasonably priced.

        Duckworth's Bistro in East Gloucester is another treasure, but will cost more than FCA.

        Here are some recent posts on Gloucester dining:

        As a bonus, I've included a thread on some of the best ice cream stands on the North Shore :

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          Besides all these, my boss just ate at Alchemy off Main St. Glouc. and can't stop raving about it. Says it's less cramped than Duckworth and he loved the lobster risotto.

          1. re: Joanie

            I'm very fond of Alchemy. Can get v.g. brick oven pizza &/or lots of entree selections too. We've been several times, w/ several different visitors and everyone is always really happy with it.

          2. re: ju

            I highly recommend either Farnham's or Essex Seafood for clams. Essex clams are a bit better and Farnham's tartar sauce has the edge but both are great and you'd be missing a real New England experience if you pass them by.

            BUT definitely take bug spray if you want to sit outside. The mosquitos can be brutal in the evening by the marsh. This makes it sound like an unappealing experience but it's not. Just fair warning.

            1. re: ju

              IMHO, The Village Restaurant does not serve "stodgy standard New England food", unless by that you mean delicious, fresh seafood. I have had fried fish and seafood at Woodmans, Essex Seafood, Farnhams and The Clam Box, and I prefer the Village Restaurant. I do agree, however, that the atmosphere is a bit "stodgy" but not the food.

              1. re: ju

                I second Farnhams if you are coming when it's open. I really enjoy their lobster rolls and fried clams. It's also more affordable and less touristy than Woodman's. I personally enjoy the seafood shack feel.

            2. The Lobster Pool in Rockport (near Halibut Point) is an excellent clam shack overlooking Ipswich Bay. I like it better than Woodman's, and it's a lot less crowded.

              1. Franklin Cafe - excellent
                As is Essex Seafood

                I have gotten rather fond of Lobsta Land on the way out of Gloucester. Go Slow after the bridge over the Annisquam or you will miss it on your right.

                Large menu, excellent food across the board.

                Lobsta Land
                (978) 281-0415 10 Causeway St
                Gloucester, MA 01930

                Course there is always O'fado in Peabody which I posted about yesterday. Really worth the trip.

                1. I love Boulevard Oceanview in Gloucester. Great Portugese style seafood - paella easily serves 3 and has a whole lobster on top. A bargain at about $25. Also love the baby clams, pork and fried potatoes in madeira sauce.

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                  1. re: FoonFan

                    Have to throw in a dissenting opinion here - have previously posted about my bad experience there (see link below).