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Jul 8, 2005 10:55 AM

cedar planks for salmon?

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Anyone know where I can buy untreated cedar planks for roasting salmon?

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  1. William Sonoma online, or Bed Bath & Beyond.

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    1. re: Liz

      I'd think it would be MUCH cheaper to get them from the hardware store. Just make sure they're untreated.

      It's best to use a fresh plank (b/c of germs and such), so you don't want to go paying W&S prices if you're going to be cooking this way often.

    2. They have them at the seafood counter at Roche Brothers Supermarket also.

      1. Grill planks are on sale at Crate & Barrel in Harvard Sq. Looks like you get 2 cedar, 1 alder & 1 maple for $14.95.

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        1. re: SEH

          i picked these up at the Harvard Sq. location ($19.99) and they're great.

        2. any luimber yard, $5 per bundle. last a lifetime.

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          1. re: mike

            but you have to be sure they're not treated with fungicide or other treatments.

            1. re: suzyb

              I've gotten them at Whole Foods Market in the past.

          2. No shortage of locations, but rain or shine (eg no matter what the New England weather does) New Deal in Cambridge carries them. When the weather is nice TJ seems to have them, but I am not a regular there.