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Jul 5, 2005 10:57 AM

BAD on Moody Street! (long)

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One of my favorite things to do is cruise Moody Street, Waltham for dinner and choose between all the interesting restaurants. I am a huge fan of the great grilled turkey burger with blue cheese at the Watch City Brewery. Along with a Tick Tock lager and the Red Sox--there is no better way to kill an hour. But I digress. Having done that recently--and being with kids this time--we cruised the whole strip--briefly considering Bombay Mahal (south indian) but passed. Asian won out and thus we decided on Tom can Cook. BIG BIG mistake. Interminable wait after orders placed-did she lose our order? 3 out of 4 diners served drinks--child had to wait extra 15 minutes for virgin pina coloda. finally dinner arrived (oh yes--they were OUT of fresh spring rolls-grrrrrr) Mediocre calamari appetizer and tom's appetizer platter--all things you can buy in an asian store and make at home and they all tasted the same. And finally main dishes--were OK but at that point we were in no mood to enjoy them. I would say that we waited 45 minutes before we received our appetizer. People seated after us ate and left before we were served. On a positve note--they discounted our dinner by 10 % and they were apologetic. Final comment is that restaurants that serve multi asian cusines don't seem to do any of them well IMHO. Never going back there again though. BEWARE!!!

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  1. h

    Next time, I'd say go for Bombay Mahal, which is a very good restaurant.

    1. I've had many great meals at Tom Can Cook- try it again!

      1. Hi

        I have to second your opinion on so called Pan-Asian places. Most don't do anything particularly well. The worst to me are Chinese places that also do sushi or Japanese too. I am very biased after having lived and traveled to Japan for over 20 years but no one seems to do good sushi or ramen unless they are Japanese.

        1. We decided to try TCC one day, pretty much b/c we'd been everywhere else...walk in, it's kinda dark, a few tables are seated, it smells sorta funny, the table is sticky, we look at the pitiful menu (laminated, color photos, awful layout), unreasonable prices ($12-14 for pad thai?!) and realize we could go left or right on Moody and get any of these particular cuisines 100x better. so we jetted.

          1. The original comment has been removed