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Jul 1, 2005 07:12 AM

Ice cream or other dessert in Brookline Village?

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Hi Everyone,
I'm going to the Brookline Family Turkish Rest. this evening, and am interested in ice cream afterwards if there is any available in the area. I'm not familiar with that part of town at all - are we close enough to JP for there to be a JP Licks nearby? or anything else?


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  1. You can walk or drive up to to the JP Licks in Coolidge Corner. I also noticed recently that Baja Betty's, is serving Toscanini's ice cream (I think, or some other high-end ice cream). Baja Betty's is a burrito restaurant on Washington St. about a block from where you'll be.

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    1. re: micah

      In lieu of J.P. Lick's, I would recommend Athan's in Washington Square - it is a long walk or short drive from the Turkish Family Restaurant.

      1. re: nomadfromcincy

        Also in Washington Square you'll find Emack & Bolio's.


        1. re: BK

          Second Athan's. Have the pistachio baklava along with your ice cream!

      2. re: micah

        Christina's but the selection is pretty limited...

        Doesn't the family restaurant serve ice cream? There is a sign in the window I thought...

        1. re: micah

          There is a new JP Licks in Brigham Circle on Tremont St which is straight down Huntington Ave. Plus there is parking in back.

        2. If you're going to drive to JP licks in Coolidge Corner, you might as well drive another half mile further to Herrell's ice cream in Allston (corner of Harvard and Brighton Aves) - I prefer their ice creams.

          1. Olea Cafe (next to the Brookline Village T stop, at Harvard St) has gelato!

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            1. re: qnofspades

              And I noticed today they serve Beer now as well.

                1. re: Bob Dobalina

                  Well, I Googled "ice cream brookline village" and this post came up pretty high in the results list... thought I'd update it in case anyone else slogging through this heat wave stumbled across it as well. JP Licks in Coolidge Corner is a loooong walk when it's 95 degrees out. :)

                2. re: qnofspades

                  The gelato looks beautiful and most flavors seem to have good turnover. Has anyone tried it? Any good?

                3. Serenade Chocolatier (diagonally across the street) also does chocolate covered ice cream during the summer.