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Jun 6, 2005 10:33 AM

Fried Pickles in Boston?

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Would like to hear from anyone that knows of restaurants serving Fried pickles in the Boston area. My son lives there and loves fried pickles. These are a treat we learned to appreciate while living in Dallas.

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  1. o

    they are on the menu at Cambridge Common.
    (between Harvard and Porter Squares on Mass Ave, on the outbound side)

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    1. re: oystershucker

      Joe Sent Me also on Mass Ave in Cambridge. I think the pickles there are great.

      1. re: ChiefRocka

        The late night menu (after 11, I think) at Redbones has a fried pickle/fried jalepeno appetizer. Proving once again that everything is better fried. (well, sort of)

        1. re: Mike P

          Linwood Grill in the Fenway has them.

          1. re: Joanie

            Boston Beer Works and Firefly's (Natick, Sudbury) has them.

            1. re: Ali G

              Thanks for all the info on the "Fried Pickles"

    2. I'm fairly sure they are on the menu at the Overdraught in Inman Square.

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      1. re: Chris VR

        oops, good thing I checked the date on this. was going to say that the overdraught has been gone for years :)

        1. Dill CHIPS only! The spears being served around Boston are horrible.

          1. Legal Seafood Test Kitchen in the Seaport/Waterfront area has delicious fried pickles.