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Jun 1, 2005 09:22 PM

Sibling Rivalry- Bad Food!

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Tried Sibling Rivalry tonight. Found the special steak dish WAY too salty and overcooked. They were out of our favorite wine. Service was OK, though I felt rushed at times. I think are many better options in the area.

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  1. Sibling Rivalry::::::::::
    Bad food! Maybe you had a bad hair day along with bad food day. The food selection is incredible--something for everybody. The wait staff is cheerful and accommodating. Unusual drinks are rare finds, and delightful. Their pricing is in line with other "high-end" spots, but for a once-in-awhile treat. Mmmmmmm, why not!

    1. Only been there once, for dessert actually, and was totally turned off by the atmosphere, haughty service, and overpriced poorly-made cocktails. Someone tell me whether it's really worth going back for dinner sometime; with so many other interesting options in the area it's fallen close to the bottom of the list.

      1. I think it's definitely worth a visit. I posted on this recently. I always thought it seemed a bit pricey and perhaps overrated, but I had a really magnificent meal there a few weeks ago. We sat at the bar, and shared the an app of the pumpkin ravoili and the ribeye entreee. Service was great, food was delicious, drinks were good. We walked out of there for around $65 before tip. We were pleasantly full. I'd definitely return.

        1. I've been there twice and have had bad food expereinces both times, ordering from either side of the menu. I don't think either of them can cook. It's obviously a concierge favorite, both times I was there it was full of tourists.

          1. I'm with you, twentyoystahs. I actually think it's underrated--overpriced, perhaps, but that's nothing new. I disagree that David Kinkead can't cook--he's been solid since KingFish Hall, and Robert Kinkead's talent is a moot point anyway since my understanding is he just writes his side of the menu, while actually spending his time in his restaurant in DC. I've had memorable soups, tartares and dessert samplers there.