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May 23, 2005 10:46 AM

South Shore Eats?

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Hi all! I've just moved to the South Shore (Abington, Rockland area) and am looking for some good recommendations.. Been to a few places that are pretty tasty but I'm sure I must be missing a few good spots.. Any suggestions??? Thanks!

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  1. Welcome to the South Shore!

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      Wow! Thanks so much! I've been pretty frequent on the boards but was living in Cambridge previously and never focused on the South Shore stuff.... Thanks again!

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        I've attended some beer dinners at the Olde Hitching Post in Hanson, I found it very good food at reasonable prices. D'Anns in Abington has quite the local following, I've never been myself. Christos in Brockton also has a good reputation but again I havent been there myself. As for Rockland, Lukes Liquors has to be one of the best and largest beer/wine stores I've ever visited in my life.


    2. Norwell -- Trattoria San Perio on Rt.53 just past the Hanover mall is a great Italian place. Friendly staff. limited wines but the food is to die for, I always get the specials and if stuffed peppers are on the menu be sure to get those.

      Plymouth -- Daniel's cafe is a secert spot that hardly anyone knows about for some reason. They are open for lunch and breakfast everyday and dinner Wed. through Sun. This food is amazing a true neighborhood resturant. The owner Vinnie is a great guy and is always cooking up some great food. It is very small so make reservation, tons of great Italian and South American wines.

      1. Hello, and wlcome to the South (and correct) Shore!

        I/we spent some time querying folks on South Shore Eats a few month back and they are compiled nicely in the following link: