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May 16, 2005 08:49 AM

Kane's Donuts - amazing!

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Ventured to Kane's last weekend and had the best cake style donut I have ever had. This dark cinnamon wonder was fresh, perfectly "seasoned" and all in all a thing of beauty! And this is from a guy that doesn't normally like cake style donuts.

I should add, the week before I tried Demet's in Medford and found their cinnamon donut to be very average, about the same as D.D.'s.

Kane's Doughnut House
120 Lincoln Avenue (near Ballard Street)
Saugus, MA 01906

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  1. Try their jelly donuts too- fantastic.

    I'm surprised you found Demet's so unexceptional. I'm a big fan, particularly of the blueberry cake donut. Ah well, more for me :-)

    1. I still have to get to both Kane's and Demet's (and Verna's), but I was back at Allie's in North Kingstown, RI yesterday and that is THE best donut EVER! An old fashioned with maple frosting will make you very happy.

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      1. re: Joanie

        Gotta agree, Allie's is incredible. By far the best plain donut I've ever had. Their chocolate coated ones are also excellent.

      2. Au contraire,my friend.I live in Andover and having sampled both of these joints I gotta give the nod to demets over in Medford for the cinnamon donuts,good old-fashion taste like I remember as a kid.Kane's in Saugus was kind of overcooked the day I went there.

        1. I lived near Kane's Donuts most of my life. But I have eaten donuts everywhere. No donut...anywhere and I mean anywhere can touch this place. These are destination donuts. The place is a small old style donut shop in a residential neighborhood a few miles off the Essex St. exit on Rt. 1 north in Saugus. My favorite is chocolate sugared. A flavor I would not normally buy at all. The outside has a crunch. The inside is soft. It is beyond divine. Their coffee roll used to be about the size of a large donut. Now it's about the size of a dinner plate and requires its own box. Enough to feed a group. Also unsurpassable. Nope. I don't work there or know anyone connected. Note: the coffee is mediocre and the napkins are so thin, small, and cheesy that you need about 3 to equal one.

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          1. re: Toby Winter

            I totally agree with Toby. My family and I have been eating donuts for as long as I can remember all over the country and by far these are the best. The only other donut shop I have eaten at in Mass that is comparable would be Mrs Murphy's but that's all the way in western mass.