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May 5, 2005 01:43 PM

Any review for Szechuan Garden in woburn?

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Has anybody had food at Szechuan garden in woburn. This is very near the Super Stop n'Shop and Applebees off exit 35 on 95.


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  1. Yes and others have reported on this place in prior posts, scan back a bit. I tried the dumplings in chili oil and the dry chili chicken (could be off on actual names of dishes). I liked both although I found the chicken searing hot...I do like spicy stuff however.

    1. I like it alot, as does a friend of mine whose folks are Chinese.

      The chili vinagrette for the aforementioned dumplings is really really good. The dumplings themselves are good but not great.

      The same vinagrette, with liberal doses of tongue-numbing sichuan peppercorn, is tossed with cold chunks of rabbit, peanuts, and scallions. Very good, but be warned--the rabbit is cut up Chinese style and is chock full of bones.

      Ma Po Tofu has a spicy chili-oil based sauce, again with sichuan peppercorn. I didn't think it was quite as spicy as the rabbit.

      They also serve a lovely fish dish--chunks of white fish, batter fried, tossed with a garlic chili oil sauce and rings of hot pepper.

      The Chengdu Style Dry Fried Chicken is tasty, but salty and very strong tasting (lots of five spice?) Perhaps better eaten solo with rice, since the flavor could max out your tastebuds for the rest of the meal.

      On the milder side, they also serve shredded ginger camphor tea smoked duck--not at all spicy, stirfried with bamboo shoots, celery, and matchsticks of ginger. The smoky flavor is subtle and it's not at all overly rich (like duck can sometimes be).

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        The dumplings at Sichuan Gourmet in Natick are a bit better IMHO. I like the chili sauce for it at both places.

        Ditto on the numbing Chengdu fried chicken. But it's good :-) The spiciness drops off significantly if you reheat it as leftovers.

        Had the smoked tea duck at the Szechuan Garden in Brookline recently and it tasted a bit bland. Not sure if it's better at the Woburn place. The Ma Po Tofu from the Brookline location was also disappointing (one dimensional chili flavor)-:

        Ask the friendly hostess/owner what the popular szechuan dishes are w/ the asian customers. Don't order the americanized stuff or you'll be disappointed according to some other posts on the forum. It's a szechuan place, so go w/ the crowd :-)

      2. Been here once and liked it. Only tried two dishes...a garlic shrimp dish and a shaved beef and napa cabbage dish which was swimming in chilis and very spicey. Both done very well with a few mai tais to wash it down. I'd like to check it out again sometime.

        1. I stayed at the hotel next to SG for four nights last September and ate there three of the four nights. My travelling partner is from China, and I confirmed his opinion of my good taste in Chinese food by insisting on the place. The standout dish for me was Twice Cooked Bacon - not too fiery, but damned savory - can't get that taste out of my memory. As I told the owner on our last night, "If my mother could cook this well, I'd still be living at home."

          PS: Don't waste your time on the Thai place further down Main Street - it's not suited for THai taste or felang taste. I embarassed the staff on the way out when I said thank you in Thai.

          1. There seems to be multiple post for this restaurant over the years. Anyway for you that likes the "special" menu I can report that a new version is out with some new dishes added. I only got a photocopy of the laminated menu so it's kind of hard to read. If anyone can read the menu I'm curious as to what kind of pork are in the two new pork dishes? I tried to ask but never got a clear answer. I tried the WenJun Chicken and it was nice but fiercely hot with a ton of sliced Thai Birdeyes in the dish.
            If someone want a copy of the original scan, contact me.


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              Avoid the Sichuan pickled vegetables. I had to send it back to the kitchen as it was way oversalted.

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                The specials menu seems to be much smaller than it was a couple of years ago. I wonder if the regular menu has grown to include previous "specials" (this happens at Jo Jo Taipei all the time.)

                1. re: KWagle

                  I have a paper copy of the specials that's probably 4-5 years old an it has 65 items on it and the new one has 57 items on it. Not sure if anything migrated to the regular menu but a lot of the old "New" items are in the new "New" list.